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Elegies & laments

Premier's lament

(43) Premier's lament

     The Premier's Lament


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Rial & Co., Printers, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials.

OH dear ! oh dear ! I am so queer,
I think I'm nearly done,
Did you ever see such doings
as there's been through Little John.
I know so help my never,
Lord John Russell is too keen,
and his lordship is too clever too
For poor old Aberdeen.

Oh ! Lord Johnny you have licked me
nice and clean,
You've beat the House of Commons, &
you have frightened Aberdeen.

Jack Russell got a Yorkshire cove
To keep him up behind,
and then he said, I'll tell you what !
I am going to resign,
For I won't keep your company,
No, that I won't, no ! never,
and I tell you what, now all the lot
are a set of fools together.

Then a Sheffield Buck with lots of pluck
Began to talk so queer,
They said he was a roebuck,
and as sprightly as a deer ;
He told a dreadful story,
All about Britannia dear,

He talked of ame and glory,
and he cursed the Russian Bear.

Then off I went to Windsor,
and I told my grcious Queen,
How they had all been putting on
Her poor old Aberdeen ;
I told her they insulted me,
and in my ears did shout,
and Lord John Russell swore that he
Would surely turn me out.

I wish that I could keep my place,
to turn me out is cruel,
I love the loaves and fishes,
But I don't love water gruel ;
Forty years I was the faithful friend
Of Emperor Nick I vow,
and that's the very reason why
hey kick up such a row.

If with my friends I get the sack
Wherever shall I roam,
I must clap a bag upon my back,
and holloa out hearthstones ;
Friend Sidney is going to take a trip
and view Sebastopol,
And Lincoln's going to take a shop
and sell Newcastle coals.

I said Lord John how could you be
So silly to resign,
When with his foot he gave me such
a nasty poke behind ;
and then up jumped the Sheffield chap
From him I got a kick,
And Boebuck whistled Aberdeen
think you are nicely licked.

Well, now I'm done, where shall I run
can't live very long,
I'm nick'd and kick'd,and nicely licked
By Mister Little John ;
Farewell my friends, my time must end
adieu my gracious Queen,
Will no one have compassion on
the poor Old Aberdeen.

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