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Sons & daughters

Mother take me home again

(27) Mother take me home again

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               TAKE ME
                AGAIN !

AIR :—" Silver threads among the Gold."
MOTHER, all alone to-night,
I have sat and thought of thee,
Thinking I could hear thy voice,
Gentle as it used to be ;
When I think of those bright days,
The bitter tears will fall like rain,
My heart then calls for home and thee,
Mother, take me home again.
Chorus :
There is no place on earth like home,
There my heart will e'er remain,
Away from thee no more I'll roam,
Mother, take me home again.

Oft I think when gathered round,
That bright hearth at home for prayer,
How you rock'd me in your arms,
And soothed away my childish cares ;
Dear mother ! I am still thy child,
Thy image on my heart remains,
long to see your loving face—
Mother, take me home again.
Years have passed, dear mother, now,
Since from home I straved away,
In fancy I can hear thy voice,
His love for me would e'er remain,
But by him I was deceived—
Mother, take me home again.

            A REMEDY FOR

ALL ye who loyal are, that love our native land,
Let us look a little uackward, & see now matters stand ;
We do not usurp the right, it is our just demand,
For we help to pay the taxes of Old England.
Much has been done, since the Tories came in power,
That helps to make the country what it is at this sad hour,
If right could only be, we think the blame should shower
Upon the head of Benjamin Disraeli.


Then let us all unite to check the Tory sway,
By cruel war and deep intrigue our trade's gone to decay
Our want we will remember upon the polling day,
For we wfll not have a Premier like Disraeli.

When noble Mr. Gladstone, the reigns of power resigned,
He put the stores in order, and five millions left behind ;
Shortly by extravagance it was scattered to the wind—
Our money is often wasted in Old England.
The Prince of Wales was sent to India's foreign shore,
We paid all his expenses, to come back he wanted more ;
Our Queen was made an Empress, we ne'er had one before,
But it made a Lord of Benjamin Disraeli.

Our Union Jack that long has floated o'er the wavo,
This Government determined should not always shield the slave,
Could Wilberforce return now—Oh ! how would they behave ?
'Tis a lastin npon the flag of England.
In Africa our sons are slaughtered by the foe,
Good British blood & treasure gone, for what we want to kIow ?
We may take the Zulu's land, but that will only show,
The grasping disposision of Disraeli,

The famous Guildhall speech, we should not soon forget,
When Russia and Turkey first in cruel conflica met;
It is not right that statesman should speak with boasting threat,
The British troops went up the Straits without Parliaments
Six milloins too, on his account this nation also spent,
To g atify ambitious vain Disraeli.

When the Russian force had crushed the worthless struggling
Then all the Powers at Berlin met to settle up their work, [Turk
We got the Isle of Syprus, but he has played a quirk,
To Join the fever stricken island to Old England.
For calling out reserves of course we've had to pay,
And millions more are wanted now, expenses to defray ;
What next will be his Budget, 'tis very bard to say,
When we're governed by a spendthrift like Disraeli.

That cruel Afghan war, a blight upon our name,
A scientific frontier got with powder, blood and flame ;
We, as fathers, would we like a force to do the same,
It is not the way to spread the trade of England.
What ! make for such a man a wreath to deck his head ?
With thousands starving here at home, he helps the Turk instead

Oh ! men ! the wonder is, with all that's heard and read,
Some still stick up for Benjamin Disraeli.
Oh ! working men have sense, no longer be betrayed,
Such peace with honour's dearly bought, if this is how it's paid
Come join our ranks for ever, we will revive the trade,
And restore the name of merry, merry England.
Then through our native land shall commerce raise and swell,
Till every man shall joyous sing, and children know it well,
Lasting peace and plenty then shall poverty dispel,
Whe Dear Old England's Government is Liberal.

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