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Word to the wise

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        A Word to the Wiſe,

A NEW BALLAD on the Times.

THE Monſieurs they ſay have the world in a String,
They don't like our Nobles, they don't like our King,
But they Smuggle our Wool and they'd fain have our Wheat,
And leave us poor Engliſhmen nothing to eat.
Derry down, down down derry down.

They call us already a Province of France,
And come here by Hundreds to teach us to dance
They ſey we are heavy, they ſay we are dull,
And that Beef and Plumb Pudding's not good for John Bull.

They Jaw in their Clubs, murder Women and Prieſts,
And then for their Fiſh wives they make Civic feaſts,
Civic feaſts ! what are they ? way a new faſhion'd thing,
For which they renounce both their God and their King

And yet there's no eating, 'tis all fooliſh play,
For when Pies are cut open, the Birds fly away,
But Frenchmen admire it and fancy they ſee,
That Liberty's fix'd at the top of a Tree.

They ſay Man and Wife ſhou'd no longer be one,
Do you take a Daughter and I'll take a Son,
And as all things are equal, and all ſhould be free,
If your Wife don't ſuit you Sir, perhaps ſhe'll ſuit me.

But our Ladies are Virtuous, our Ladies are fair,
Which is more than they tell us your Frenchwomen are,
They know they are happy they know they are free,
Nor are Slaves to a Mob, or a Paris decree.

They take from the Rich but don't give to the Poor,
And to all ſorts of miſchief they'd open the door,
Then let's be united and know when we're well,
Nov believe all the Lies theſe Republicans tell.

Our Soldiers and Sailors will anſwer theſe Sparks,
Though they threaten Dumourier ſhall ſpit us like larks,
True Britons don't fear them, for Britons are free,
And know Liberty's not to be found on a tree.

Ye Britons be wiſe as you're brave and humane,
You then will be happy without any Paine ;
We know of no Deſpots, we've nothing to fear,
For this new-fangled nonſenſe will never do here.

Then ſtand by the Church, and the King, and the Laws,
The Old Lion ſtill has his teeth and his claws ;
Let Britain ſtill rule in the midſt of her waves,
And chaſtiſe all thoſe foes who dare call her ſons ſlaves,

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