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Merrily, o! or, The Tyrolese song of liberty

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          MERRILY, O !

Merrily ev'ry bosom boundeth,
Merrily oh ! merrily oh !
Where the song of freedom soundeth,
There the warrior's arms shed more splen-
There the maiden's charms shine more
Every joy the land surroundeth, [tender,
Merrily oh ! merrily oh !

Wearily ev'ry bosom pineth,
Wearily oh ! wearily oh !
Where the land of slavery twineth,
Wearily oh ! wearily oh !
There the warrior's dart hath no fleetness,
There the maiden's heart hath no sweet-
Ev'ry flow'r of life declineth, [ness,
Wearily oh ! wearily oh !

Cheerily then from hill and valley,
Cheerily oh ! cheerily oh !
Like your native fountain sally,
Cheerily oh ! cheerily oh !
If a glorious death won by bravery,
Sweeter be than breath sigh'd in slavery,
Round the flag of freedom rally,
Cheerily oh ! cheerily oh !

Printed for B. W. Dickinson, High-Petergate, York.

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