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Dream of heaven

(43) Dream of heaven


MARIA, I 've dreamt such a beautiful dream ;
Methought I had fallen asleep,
And angels in white came and took me away :
But why should that cause you to weep ?

They took me to heaven, where Jesus resides,—
We oft think and talk about heaven ;
But, oh ! unless Jesus be there, it is not :
Where He is, indeed, there is Heaven.

They placed me beside Him—how happy I felt !
Although I had loved Him before ;
Yet, now that I saw Him,—I cannot describe,—
But I felt that I loved Him much more.

So kindly He spoke, too ; He said how He loved
All those whom He died to redeem :
To grieve One so kind and so gracious as He,
How wicked and wrong it does seem !

I thought how I used to do that which was wrong,
And a tear gathered into my eye ;
"Which Jesus perceiving, He wiped it away,
"saying, "Be not afraid, it is I !"

My father and mother were there, too ; and when
They beheld me at Jesus's side,
They cast down themselves and their crowns at his
Singing, " Glory to Him that hath died !"

Wherever I went angels showed me the way,
And sometimes we 'd talk about you ;
They said they were charged to watch over you,
and soon—
Very soon, they would bring you there too.

Oh, how I looked forward to that happy time,
When your spirit should join mine above ;
Where sorrow and sickness no more should appear,
But Heaven, and Jesus, and Love !

They told me, ere long, you were ill, and that death
Would soon—very soon, set you free ;
I rejoiced, for in Heaven such tidings give joy,
And there I thought soon you would be.

I hastened to Jesus to know, to know if I might
Be permitted to visit the earth ;
He smilingly said, " Go bring her safe home,—
I know what her spirit is worth."

I came with a host of bright angels, and stood
By your pillow, till death should appear ;
You oft sighed to be with Jesus and me,
Not thinking we both were so near.

While stood by your couch, I beheld those around,
Who bewailed your approaching decease ;
And thought—little know they that death unto you
Will be such a happy release.

When they had departed, and left you alone,
I listened to what you might say ;
The last words you spoke—in a whisper so faint—
Were " Jesus, come, take me away!"

That moment the terrible messenger came,
And exultingly lifted his hand ;
Awhile he forbore, not daring to strike,
Until Jesus should give the command.

I looked towards heaven, and Jesus said—"Come,"
Death severed the last feeble tie ;
I caught you, and upward we mounted together,—
Methinks 0 how sweet 't were to die !

The angels attended our heavenward flight,
And safely conveyed us along,
Until at the portal of bliss we arrived,
And joined a celestial throng,

Which came forth to meet us, by Jesus' command ;
(Whose name be for ever adored !)
Who welcomed you thither by saying—" Well done,
Enter into the joy of thy Lord."

A palm and a harp were then given ;—a crown
Of victory placed on your head ;
While those who were still left behind upon earth,
Were lamenting because you were dead.

Not thus—they could but for a moment have seen
The place which for you was prepared ;
But eye hath not seen, nor hath heart yet conceived
The bliss which in heaven is shared.

We sometimes remembered the earth, and recalled
Our own brief and weary sojourn ;
Life seemed but a moment,—yet, oh ! in that life—
In that moment, how much is to learn !

We then saw the folly of those that pursued
The vain fleeting pleasures of time ;
In neglect of the real and enduring delights,—
The joys of that heavenly clime.

The rich and the noble, the gay and the proud,
A portion in this life may gain ;
But what, when they die, (as like all men they
Shall they then for their portion obtain ?

But for God's faithful people, a rest still remains ;
Like Himself, 't is immutably sure ;
Where sorrow and pain are for ever unknown,
And bliss shall for ever endure.

Since we, then, are still in the body, let's strive
To secure a mansion above ;
That regret nor alarm may our spirits disturb,
Whene'er we are called to remove.


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