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Morning in spring

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LO ! the bright and rosy morning
Calls me forth to take the air :
Cheerful Spring, with smiles returning,
Ushers in the new-born Year.

Well it's all Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah !
We're going where pleasures never die.

Nature now in all her beauty,
With her gentle moving tongue,
Prompts to the pleasing duty,
Of a grateful Morning Song.

See the early blossoms springing,
See the jocund lambkins play ;
Hear the lark and linnet singing,
Welcome to the new-born Day.

Vernal music softly sounding,
Echoes thro'tthe verdant grove :
Nature now, with life abounding,
Swells with harmony and love.

Now the kind, refreshing showers
Water all the plains around ;
Springing grass and painted flowers,
In the smiling meads abound.

Now, their vernal dress assuming,
Leafy robes adorn the trees ;
Odours now, the air perfuming,
Sweetly swell the gentle breeze.

Praise to thee, thou great Creator !
Praise be thine from every tongue :
Join my soul with every creature ;
Join the universal Song :

For ten thousand blessings given ;
For the richest gifts bestow'd ;
Sound his praise thro' earth and heaven ;
Sound Jehovah's praise aloud.

Printed by G. Walker, Jun., Durham.

[NLS note: a graphic appears here - see image of page]


As Jacob 's on travel, was wearied by day,
At night on a stone for a pillow he lay,
A vision appeared a ladder so high !
With its foot on the earth, and its top in the sky,
Hallelujah to Jesus, who died on the tree,
To raise up this ladder of mercy for me.


Press forward, press forward, the prize is in view,
A crown of bright Glory, is waiting for you.

The sight was so pleasing the angelic throng,
With delight was ascending and descending thereon,
And God rich in mercy, who stands at the top,
Of Zion's bright hill for to welcome them up.

This ladder is long, is strong and well made,
Has stood thousands of years and is not yet decayed
Its so free of access, all the world may get up,
And angels will guard them, from bottom to top.

This ladder in Jesus the glorious God man,
Whose blood richly streaming from Calvary ran ;
On his perfect atonement, to heaven we rise,
To sing in the mansions, prepar'd in the skies.

Come let us ascend, be bold never fear,
It's stood every tempest, and always will bear,
For millions have tried it, and reached Zion Hill,
And thousands by faith are climbing it still.

Our fathers upon it have mounted to God,
Have finish'd their labours, and reach'd their abode,
And we are climbing after and soon shall be there,
To join in their rapture their happiness share.


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