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New song on the downfal of the chignauns

(13) New song on the downfal of the chignauns

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                    A NEW SONG ON THE

              DOWNFAR OF THE


NLINpe pie all now Pay attention while I unto you relate
UBG get another new ligure since the ermollnes are gon
The ear fig thing & it all hairy on their pole call'd a chignon


So young both lame & lazey ladies they mast every one
No wheather crroked or erazey have a thundering big
sh guaua

The other day as I was walkiag just by chance I did it meet
With two old wemen & they talking going going down through
Thomas Stret
One of them with age was gummy the other about ninety one
And each did wear I do declare a granadiers hat for a hignann

The laides that wears those shignauns the have got stifs upon
their badk
That realy for the want of washing loeks just like a coolporters
And' their so very fond of reading novels at the fire at home
That the hav the alphabet in irish Printed upon their shin bouee

You'd think they were recruting parties all the girls that yoa
world meet
Going prominading at half past dark down Caple Ttreet
They have so many ribons flying for to decorate toerr head
And for shignaun they have behind fol'd the bolerer on the bed

S saw up n a dray r s daut r the other day upon the Comb
Pt b g shiauwn & bela m bob rt look just like an ar baloon,
R was such a weit uponh r pate that all the hair pins they gave
Oheu out did drotra haters block & just aboout a stone of hay,

They have those shignauns every form the scull tachiners cau
From I be live o a baraell kintty pole to oruament
It makes no drffer about aees ol or ugly short er long
Hompy-back'd or fiede fare'd all must have a big s iguauu

You'd real think these dandy I sses by their looks were all se
Since they dro'd wearth muslin whishers buesells & hoo'd cri
But since they got the saucer bounets Tight dresses & big shig
They look like things to friten crows tne same shape as the kit
chen rounges

Now I wonder what's the next new fashion that they girls into
nd to wear
To entice the boys it is their siuddy night a day I do declare,
Each one is vieing with the other trying which will take the
And form a plan to get a man for fear of dying an old maid,

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