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Shabby-looking nose

The Shabby-Looking Nose.

        AIR :— " Uncle Sam."

Kind friends pray give attention,
I'll try you to amuse,
'Tis facts I'm going to mention,
And I hope you'll not refuse ;
So with your kind permission,
The facts I will disclose,
Concerning this here feature,
You understand,—my nose.

                      chorus :—
Oh, yes, 'tis true,
And natural to suppose,
There's nought becomes a man so bad,
As a shabby-looking nose.

We read that men of learning,
No room there is for doubt,
Have all without exception,
Been well supplied with snout.
Now there's the great Napoleon,
His nose was quite a charm ;
And Wellington's one they tell me,
Was longer than my arm.
                        Oh yes, 'tis true, &c.

The tongue the ladies value,
Above each other gift,
And dang me but they use it,
In every other shift.
A long tongue is annoying,
To those that near be,
The preference I'm showing,
The silent noso for me.
                        Oh yes, 'tis true, &c.

Now when a man gets tipsy,
And along the street he goes,
Just think how very useful,
Is e full developed nose.
There might be some collision,
His eyes may be knocked out,
But boldly they're defended,
By the all important
                        Oh yes, 'tis true, &c.

But this I 'ust would mention,
You can't be too often told,
In damp and chilly weather,
Beware of catching cold.
The nose should be protected,
As well as is the toes,
And every one in winter,
Should sover up his nose.
                        Oh yes, 'tis true, &c.

Spoken.—Something in this style ladies
and gentlemen, [drawing on a cover,] Some-
thing in this style. The nose is a very
sensitive part of the body you know, and
good noses should be protected more par-
ticularly, as they penetrate much farther
into the atmosphere, and are therefore more
liable to catch cold.

I do not say that this one,
Is as it ought to be be,
But I'm proud to say it's better,
Than any here I see.
Too mnch cheek is a nuisanee,
Long ears a sad disgraee,
But a full developed smeller,
Is the glory of the face.
                        Oh yes, 'tis true, &c.

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