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Sons & daughters

Just before the battle mother

(23) Just before the battle mother

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Just befor the battle mother I am thinking mos
of yon
While upon the field we're watching with th t
enemy in view
Comrades brave around me lying filled my the
ughts of bome & God
For well they knew that on the morrow some
will sleep beneath the sod

Farewell mother you may never press me to
your heart again
But oh you'll not forget me mother if I'm nnm
bered with the slain
Oh I long o ses you mother & the lieveing ones
at home
But I'll never leave our banner till in honour
I do come

Tell the tra tos all around yon that their crnel
w rds We know
Iu every bat le kill our soldiers by the h p
t ey give tho f e
Hark I hear the bugle sound ng it is the sigual
for the fight
O may God protect us mother as he eser does
the right

Hear the battle cry of freedom how it swells
upon the sir
Oh yes we ll rally round our banner or we'll no
ble perish there
Though o r country call you d rling O may
Angels guard the way
While our nation't sons are fithing we can only
for them pray

P Brereton Printer I Lr Exchange St Dubliu

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