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Religion & morality

Doctrine of an Israelite

          The Doctrine of

         AN ISRAELITE.

Printed and sold by J. Jennings, 15, WaterLane,
                             Fleet Street.

I ONCE was but a pedler, and my shop was in my
So sure as I'm as mouch and my name is Mordecai,
And I cheated all the world in spite of whipping
post, or stocks.                               (the way !
For I never stick at trifles when there's monish in
I hand gold rings of copper gilt and so I got my bread,
With sealing wax of brickdust and pencils with-
out lead.


                   In my pick pack,
                   Tick tack gim crack
                     Twing twang twink'lum de ;
                   And sing ting ring,
                   The chink is the music still for me.

To make up goods the cheaper some people steal the
And in selling of good bargains they never want
for trade,                                           [enough
But I could always find the way to sell them cheap
As you know 'tis quite as easy for to steal them
ready made ;               (great sid,
And tho' l'm not a Christian, I should think it a
When a stranger comes across me if I do not take
him in.             
Or suppose I do the business of a doctor or a priest,
And in want of my assistance a poor man sent for me
As in doing of my duty I would enrich myself at least
If I spy'd a good fat piece of pork and he could
give no fee,                                (is mistaken,
He may think I would refuse it, bless my soul he
I could sell it if not eat it, so that would not save his
Or if I was a judge, or a justice of the peace,
Whene'er a prosecutor brings a thief before the bench
If they swear upon the book till they're black in the
face,                              (dence
Let the prisoner use good arguments a fig for evi-
But if the rogue is pennyless my worst I would go thor'
As my conscience would not let me rob the gallows
of his due.
Or if I was in Parliament, the scheme I would suppose
So sure as I'm a smouch and my name is Mordecai
I wou'd like the little plough boy sell oft my ayes
and noes,                                         (way,
For I never stick out when there's money in the
Before I 'would stick out when there's plenty of good
pelf,                        (myself.
If the devil was the purchaser why then I'd sell

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