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Old gentleman's wish, or The reformed old gentleman

(13) Old gentleman's wish, or The reformed old gentleman

The Old Gentleman's WISH,


The Reformed Old Gentleman.

I am grows old, Alas !
My ſeventy years are paſt:
I wiſh with all my heart,
I may grow wife at laſt.

2.  When I was paſt a Child,
I left the Grammer-ſchool,
(Fond Parents!) Ah ! I Wiſh,
I had not been a Fool.

3.  Having my liberty,
And Money, every day,
(I Wiſh none wou'd do thus)
Ah ! I did game and play.

4.   Youth is the ſeeding time,
From whence good fruits ſhou'd
I brought forth noiſom weeds: (grow
I wiſh I'd not done ſo.

5.  I kept ill Company,
My Hawks, and Hounds,and worſe :
One can't to enemies
wiſh any greater Curſe.

6.  I and my bonny Fellowes
Had many a vagary,
And after drank down ſin,
In Clarret and Canary.

7.  But now I ſee my faults,
How I have gone aſtray :
That God wou'd ſet me right,
I hugely Wiſh and Pray.

8.  O Happy Change ! When Grace
Aſſiſting Induſtry,
Preventing, following Grace
(I Wiſh) may wants ſupply.

9.  My old Companions
Themſelves from me withdraw
I ſadly Wiſh, I had
Their Faces never ſaw.

10.  O Time! moſt precious Time!.
I Wiſh thee come again.
Impoſſible it is :
ToWiſh it is in vain.

11.  Time paſt cannot return:
You can't undo, what's done.
'Tis as hard; as in's courſe
To ſtop the Giant Sun.

12.  Yet I do wiſh and pray,
My Time I may redeem,
By double Diligence :
This a Wiſe Wiſh will feem,

13.  And now I entertain
A Sober, Learned Friend,
To'improve me, and I Wiſh
To keep him to my end.

14.  Weread the Pſalmodie,
And Goſpel, every Day :
At the Church and at home,
We Two together pray.

15.  We love God's Miniſters,
Obey in every thing :
We dayly pray and Wiſh
All Honour to the King.

16.  My Noble Friends, do ye
Get ſuch a Guide, and theft
You may be what I Wiſh,
Right good Old Gentlemen.

Printed for John Barkſdale Bookſeller in Cirenceſter. 1685

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