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My native land so green

(27) My native land so green

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I am a true born Irishman I came from Paddy's land
Where the stranger finds a welcom with the grasp of
freindship's hand
Where the wit ti flows sponianiously & pleasure dose
And good nature mixe'd together in abundance can be
Where the boys are all so jolly at a pattern race or a
For prudance noue with them can compare,
They're the breavest set of boys that ever yet were seen
The boys of dear old Ireland my native land so green

You will surely find that Paddy his aid will alwaslend
And be ready to assist you if ever you want a friend
If his cabiin you should enter you know as well as me
He'l treat you with the very best welcem you will be,
He'l shar his pip & whiskey your spirits he wil cheer
Old Ireland you're my darling the spot I love so dear
For true hospitally no matter where I've been.
Ther's no place lik old Ireland my nativ land so green

If you're bent on pleasure abroad you need no rome,
There's no such sights in foreign land like those we
have at home,
Killarney 's lakes are beautiful as everyone must own
And if you're fend of nonses just kiss the blaeney stone
We have se nry in Wicklow there's the Giants cause
way too,
They bay & sights round dublin are splendid to the
I have travelled many a thousand miles strange coun
tries I have seen,
But none to equal Erins Isle my native land so green

Then hero's success to Erin my own dear native I le
May discontent soon vanish & plenty on her smile,
May disco d & ill feeling be bannished from the shore
And prospority shine on thee as it did in days of yore
I on y wish for heppines that our troubles soon wold

So we might live like brothers in unity & pease,
May trade incrace & floursh & shortly will be seen
The people gay & happy in my native land so green,

     P. Brereton printer I Lr Exchange St Dublin

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