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Crime & punishment

Wild and wicked youth

(48) Wild and wicked youth

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In Newry town I was bred and born,
In Steven's Green I died with scorn,
I served my time to the saddling trade,
And always was a roving blade.

At seventeen I took a wife,
I loved her dear as I loved my life,
And to maintain her fine and gay,
A robbing went on the highway.

But my money did grow low,
On the highway I was forced to go,
Where I robbed both lords and ladies bright,
Brought home the gold to my heart's delight.

I robbed Lord Golding I do declare,
Lady Mansfield in Grosvenor Square,
I shut the shutters and bid 'em good night,
And went away to my heart's delight.

To Covent Garden I took my way,
With my blooming fair to see the play,
Till Fielding's gang did me pursue,
Taken I was by that cursed crew.

My father cries I am undone,
My mother cries for her darling son,
My wife she tore her golden hair,
What shall I do for I'm in despair.

But when I'm dead and in my grave,
A decent funeral let me have,
Six highwaymen to carry me,
Give them broad swords and liberty.

Six blooming girls bear my pall,
Give them gloves and ribbons all,
When I am dead, they tell the truth,
He was a wild and wicked youth.

Printed by George Walker, Jun., Sadler-Street, Durham ;
Sold by John Livsey, 43, Hanover-Street, Shudehill, Manchester.

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Giles Scroggins courted Molly Brown,
                       Fol de riddle lol de riddle lido
The fairest wench in all the town,
                                      Fol de riddle lol, &c
He bought her a ring and posy true,
If you loves I as I loves you,
No knife shall cut our loves in two,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.

But scissars cut as well as knives,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
And quite unsartain's all our lives,
                                      Fol de riddle lol, &c.
The day they were to have been wed,
Fate's scissars cut poor Giles' thread,
So they could not be mar-ri-ed,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c

Poor Molly laid her down to weep,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
And cried herself quite fast asleep,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
When standing fast by her bed-post,
A figure tall her sight engross'd,
And it cried, I be's Giles Scroggin's ghost,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.

The ghost it said all solemnly,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
O  Molly you must go with I,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
All to the grave your love to cool,
Says she, I am not dead yet you fool,
Says the ghost, says he, vy that's no rule,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.

The ghost he seiz'd her all so grim,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
All for to go along with him,
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.
Come, come, said he, ere morning beam,
I  von't, said she, and scream'd a scream,
Then she awoke and found she'd dreamt a dream.
                                       Fol de riddle lol, &c.

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