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Awful railway accident

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          BREAKING OF A



            Destruction of a Passenger
            Train, Great Loss of Life.

In many a Scottish town to-day,
Where Christmas time pass'd light
and gay,
Weeping takes the place of joy,
For friends whom death can soon des-
A Railway Bridge across the Tay,
By the rude storm is carried away ;
And a passenger train passing o'er
the stream,
Was swept away and no more seen.

The Railway Bridge o'er the river Tay
With a passenger train is swept away,
There women and children hastening
Two hundred lie beneath the foam.

O'er the swift river the bridge it lay,
For Railway trains that pass'd that
Two miles across the foaming tide,
Travellers from Dundee would ride.
None of danger e'er did dream
So safe and firm the bridge did seem.
But that sad day the cold dark wave,
Was doom'd to be the travellers grave.

From Edinburgh to Dundee,
They all were going gay and free,
Enjoying themselves at christmas time
Thinking of friends in foreign clime,
Two hundred in that fatal train,
Many will ne'er be seen again.
The wind was strong, the storm was
As on the bridge the train did fly.

Suddenly the bridge gave way,
And fell into the stormy spray,
None escaped to tell the tale,
Who travelled on that fatal rail.
Not one moment they had to spare,
No warning for the last sad prayer ;
All was gone like a passing dream,
And lay engulphed in the stormy

The train was seen to quickly fall,
It meant certain death to one and all.
At the Station thousands gathered
For friends that night could not be
found ;
They wrung their hands in deep des-
Mother's and children both were there
Enquiring for those who beneath the
So soon had found untimely graves.

May their souls be in heaven now,
Unto its decree we all must bow,
At Christmas time 'twas hard to die,
When all kind friends are waiting
This terrible sudden accident,
Where poor souls to eternity went ;
Will be remembered many a day,
By those on the Banks of the River

John White, Printer, Rose Place,
Scotland Road, Liverpool.

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