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Blue ey'd Mary

                Blue Ey'd


J. Pitts Printer, Toy and Marble Warehouse, 6
Great st. Andrew Street 7 dials

IN a cottage embosom'd within a deep shade
Like a rose in the desert oh view the sweet
Her aspect all sweetness all plaintive her eye
And a bosom for which e' n a monarch might
sign                                                    (squire
Then in a neat Sunday gown see her met by the
All attraction her countenance his all desire
He accosts her she blunders he flatters she smile
And soon blue ey'd Mary's seduced by his wiles
Now drops of contrition her pillow wet o'er
But the sleet when once stain'd knows whiteness
no more
The aged folks whisper the maidens look shy
To town the squire presses how can she deny,
There behold her in lodging she dresses in style
Public places frequents sighs no more but reads
Hoil,                                                        (to hate,
Learns to squander they quarrel his love turns to
And soon blue ey'd Mary is left to hesitate
Still of beauty possess'd and not void of shame
With a heart that recoils at the prostitute name
She tries for a service her character is gone
And for skill at her needle at last tis unknown,
Pale want now approaches the pawnbrokers near
And her trinkes and clothes one by one disappear
Till at length sorely pinn'd and quite desperate
The poor blue ey'd Mary is forc'd on the town
In a brothel next see her trick d to allure
And all ages all humours compell'd to endure
Compell'd t o disgusted to wheedle and feign,
With an aspect all smiles and a bosom all pain
Now caress'd row insuted now flatter'd now
scorn'd                                             (spurn'd
And by ruffians and drunkards oft wantonly
The worst of all misery she's doom'd to endure
For the blue ey'd Mary is now an impure
While thus the sharp arrow sinks deep in my
She flies for relief to that traitor the bowl,
Grows stupid and bloated and lost to all shame
Whilst a dreadful disease is pervading her frame,
Now with eyes dim and languid the once bloom
ing maid
In a garret on straw faint and helpless is laid
Oh ! mark her pale cheeks see her scarce take her
And lo ! her blue eyes are now sealed in death

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