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                    TO BE SUNG BY THE


                      OF THE PARISH OF


          On SUNDAY, the 9th of MAY, 1790 ;

                        Before a sermon TO be preached

By the Rev. Dr. MILNE, Rector of North Chapel, Suffex, and Lecturer
                            of both Churches, Deptford.

                            FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE


                    THE MUSIC BY DR. COOKE.

If we were mute, thy praiſe O God !
All nature would declare :
All feel thy Sun's refreſhing warmth,
All breathe thy ambient air.

We ſee thy bounty in the light ;
We taſte it in our food ;
We ſmell it in the flow'ry mead ;
We hear it in the wood.

To THEE—all Angels cry aloud,
The heav'ns and pow'rs therein :
Shall Man alone, then, baſely make
Ingratitude his ſin ?

O let thy bounty Man inſpire,
Whilſt, helpleſs, we implore,
To aid our wants, then make him bleſt,
When time ſhall be no more.

                              ALLELUIAH ! Amen.

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