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New song call'd the three hunts-men's tragedy

(43) New song call'd the three hunts-men's tragedy

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            A NEW SONG CALLD THE


I will sing you of three huntsmen as brave as care could.
They spent all the r yonthful days in joy and jollitry,
That's Wilson Gilmore and Johnson remark the word I say
Five hundred-pounds they did lay down upon their hunting day

They hunted over hills & dales the Wicklow-mountains high
O hark away young Johnson says I hear a womans cry
Johnson being a rallant man he serchod the Glen all round
There he spied a woman with her hair pinned to the ground

Are you a idle woman young Johnson he did say
Or yet a robber in dignis my life to take away,
No kind sir a robber-the same I do deny,
It's robbers that has robbed me & lett me here to die

A gan of robbers stripped me & my hair piuned to the ground
They robbed me of my watch & likewise thra oundred pounds
I place my life all in your hands protect me home I pray
.My father is a nobleman your kindness will repay

Johnson being to foolish a man he placed her up behind
He roll'd his big coat about her to share her from the winp,
They travell'd on together till they came to a purlin streme
She put a whistle to her mouth & blew it load & srill,

She being the Captain of the gang the came a her commane
Ten of these daring highway-men they bid the huntsmen stand
Shying deliver up your money & that without delae,
Or by these loaded pistoals we'll take your lives away

Our hunt-men being will arme'd young Wilson he let fly
And 2 of those darsng highway-men soon in their blood did lie
Gilmore popped 3 more of them ali ith his pills of lead
Johnson with his blunderbuss the others shot dead

The Captain she rode W lsons horse & over the hills d d fly
Our bun amen rode quick a ter nor & their bullets they le fly
A pistol ball proved her down fall h r blood did slaib the lee
Hurrah my boys Johnron cries we have gained the victory

To see those robbers in their gore the came b th far &rear
A long time the kept the country in tyranow dread & feer
Their cave lay ou the mountains rich treasures their did lie,
These highway med were bur ed near when the did lie

These highway-men wil do no more the me their destiny,
Through they being t n in number & our hnats men only thrae
Though they being ten in number & our huntsmen only three
Prosperity may atend teem when they got hunt again


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