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Sarah Wilson

(34) Sarah Wilson

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       Sarah Wilson,

Pitts, Pinter Wholesale Toy Marble Ware.
  house 6, Greatst Andrew strest 7 Dials

ITS Sarah Wilson is my name,
I've brought myfelf to grief and
By loving one that never loved me,
so now my ſorrows I plainly ſee,

Its true I was his ſervant maid,
When firſt by him I was betray'd,
With a kiſs like Judas he did me betray
But ſoon his love all fled away,

Hark ! alas all my joys are fied,
To morrow my love is to be wed,
to a farmer's daughter people did ſay,
And that ſhall be my funeral day,

Upon my parents I have bronght dis-
              grace,                      (face
I hope no one will throw it in their
For if they do they are to blame.
I hope that I might bear the blame

Six pretty maidens let me have.
To bear me tomy ſilent grave,
All cloathed in white & comely fhew
To bear me to the ſhades below,
Let this be wrote on my tomb,
Here lies a fair maid in her bloom
Like a Roſe in June I was cut down,
Tho' once a maid as well at you,

In this dark tomb the bed of clay
Here muſt I lie till the judgment day
At that dreadful hour he will ſurely rue
And wiſh to me he had been true.

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