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Elegies & laments

Lines on the expected testimonial of his Grace the late much lamented most rev'd Doctor O'Connor Bishop of Saldis

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   Testimonial of his Grace the late much

               LAMMENTED MOST


               BISHOP OF SALDIS

               BY JOSEPH SADLER

It is true he is gone now the noble & faithful,
His absence left many a heart sad & sore,
A man of the Lord & Prince wise & gratsfal
Was Doctor O'Connor alas he's nomore
You may talk of warrier ay of other ages,
The Nile Waterloo & father of regions,
Put this pious prelate he braved greater danger
The Worlds alurements si nsin death & hell

The winter is past & summer surrounds him
The sweets of his labours he is gone for to taste
True to his post I hope God has found him,
A night or a day he was nea'r known to wast
In defence of his Master he work'd late & early
Winings uls to the Lord it was all his glory
His books every leafhe examined most carefuly
Which leaves him a crown now this world never

Shall he now be forgot as if he never lsv'd here
With no testimonial to tell his sweet name,
O no he has freinds that will noby ape r.
For he was all over of Heavens blest fame,
Limrick may boast he was born in that City,
A child of Benediction & true charity,
Practiscing at tee same time while preaching
But Doc or O'Connor we now may deplore,

Its true Irishmen they have lost a protector,
The tent of July eighteen sixty seven,
After four score & one old Erin be left her,
His bright soul ascended I hope then for heaven
Up with his monument & let it be neatly,
Its only but right to his dear memory,
All this he well earn'd yon may see it clear'y
For Doctor O'Connor in his heart lov'd the poor

Pray for him now for you he pray'd here
And now that he's gone O make no del y
In the regions of bliss I hope he is there,
Imploring for sinners & Eriu to day,
It in heaven to night may he look down upon her
On ear h she was lov'd by Doctor O'Connor
His dea native land he of en greiv'd for her,
May I never depart till I see his monument

P. Brereton printer I Lr Exchang St

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