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New fashions

(6) New fashions



GOOD people give ear to my ſtory,
To what I tell you all round,
Concerning the pride and ambition,
That's now carried on in each town,
For pride is a in to the Devil,
You very well know it is true,
And if that the times they don't alter,
What will poor England do ?

When they go to a ball or a play,
To learn new faſhions and pride,
And as ſoon as they home do return,
The ſame they will quickly provide,
Then Kirty ſhe ſays to her mama,
A new faſhion gown I muſt have,
With a ſlraw bonnet deck'd out with ribbons,
That I may look gallant and brave.

Three ladies were walking together,
One morning for to take the air,
They ſurely did cut ſuch a figure,
Which made many people to ſtare,
One had a face like a monkey,
Another a pate like a bull,
The other a carrotty nob,
But the D—l a cap on the ſkull.

The next was a young farmer's daughter,
Her hair was as red as a fox,
I'll ſend for a barber directly,
And cut off my carrotty locks,
But when the barber had ſhav'd her,
And put on a new faſhion'd wig,
She was ſuch a figure to paſs,
That ſhe frightend a ſow and nine pigs.

There's the ſtreet-walking girls of the city,
Belonging to fair London town,
They dreſs up like ladies of honour.
And ſtrut in the ſtreets up and down,
With an umbrella in their hands,
If it rains to cover their gown,
You'd take them for la s of fortune,
Altho' they are girls of the town.

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