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New song on the downfall of the chignons

(5) New song on the downfall of the chignons

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                      A NEW SONG ON THE

             Downfall of the Chignons

Good people all now pay attention while I unto you relate,
All the carious fashions the ladies has to decorate their pate,
They have got another fashion since the crinolines are gone
A great big thing all full of hair on their poles called a chignon


So old and young both lame and lazy, ladies they must everyone
No matter whether crooked or cazy have a thundering big

Tho ther day as I was walking just by chance I di d meet,
Withtwo old wemen and they were ta iking going down the
One of them was really gummy the othe about ninety one.
And each did wear I do declare a grenadiers hat for a chignon

You'd think they were recruiting parties all that you would?
Going promenading at half-past seven down the street,
They have so many ribbons flying to decorate their head,
And fora chignon they have folded the bolsters on ther head

I saw upon a dairyman's daughter the other day on the coombe.
A big chignon and help me bob it lookod just looked an air
It was such a weight on her pate that all the bair pins gave
When out did drop a hatters block, and just about a stone of

They have those chignons in every form the skull crackers
can invent.
From a bee-hive to a barrel knittty pole to ornament,
It makes no differ about ages old or ugly, short or long.
Humpy-backed, or fiddle-faced, all must have a big chignon

You'd really think those dandy-asses by their looks were all
Since they dropped wearing whiskers, bussel'd, and hooped
But since they got the saucer bonnets, light dresses, and big
They look like things to frighten crows the same shape as the
kitchen tongs,

Now I wonder the next new fashion the girls intend to wear,
To entice the boys it is their study night and day, I do declare
Each one is vieing with the other trying which will take the
And form a plan to get a man, for fearof dying an old maid.

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