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Elegies & laments

Lamentation on Allen Larkin and Goold

(29) Lamentation on Allen Larkin and Goold

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            LAMENTATION ON


        ON THE 23th OF NOVEMBER 1867

Good people all both great & small that hears my case bewai —
This day now term oates our fate before Manchester gaol
For the foul deed of mnader we are condemned to die,
And pay the penalty of that crime upon the gatlows high,

John Allen Gould and Larkin to Ireland did belong,
Their friends all did wish then well & saw they did no wrong,
For the shooting Coastable Sergeant Brett our lives were took away
And for the breaking of the van & demanding of the key,

November the 23rd will be remembered well,
When Larkin's wife & children came to take their last farewell
It would grieve your heart to see that night in grief you would de-
When they bade farewell in the dead cell to part & meet no more,

Saturday November 23 at the hour of eight o'clock,
Three young men all in their bloom stood on the fatal drop
The kissed shook hands & parted in love & unity,
And in one moment after sent into eternity.

The morning that young Allen died as he lay in his cell,
His aged mother came to him to take her last farewell,
Down on his bended knees did fall & her blessing he did crave,
Saying your one and only son is doomed to meet an early grave

At an early hour this morning what trouble filled our hearts,
When Fathee Gadd that holy man to us those words expressed,
Come take this blessed crucifix & with courage follow me.
Ye are going to meet your merciful Lord who died oa Colvnry,

The Mareaioness of Queensdury three hundred pounds has sent,
To help these sumerisg families it is her full indent
Should a subscription now be raised as we expect will be
To keep their wives and children from want and misery

Farewell friends and relations to you all we bid adieu
For ever from this world we now must part from you
As we hope to gain salvation we freely forgive all men
May the Lord have mercy on our souls—good christians say

        P. Brereton Printer I Le Exchange Street Dublse

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