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Poisoned family

(31) Poisoned family


               Poisoned Family.

J. Catnach, Printer, 2, & 3, Monmooth-Court, 7 Dials.

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GOOD friends far and near,
    Come, you quickly shall hear,
    Of a start which is funny and rare,
Of a family fine,
Which did cut a great shine,

    They resided in——qua
Now the master did say,
To his lady one day,

    To the seas I am bound for a while
Of my household take care,
Of my servants beware,

    ' Yes, my dear,' she replied with a smile.
                             Tit bump twee diddle da.

Then he wished her good bye
She of course piped her eye,

    And the butler he smiled at the sa m
for my lady did wink,
And the butler did think

    I'll he ready my handsome young dame.
When the master was gone,
And the night was come on,

    For the butler the lady did call,
When the butler came there,
She call'd him, my dear,

    And pull'd him right down into the hall.
                                   To my tit bump, & c

n the midst of the fun,
Up the footman did run,

    And when he at the fancy did look
To the kitchen he went,
With his mindfully bent,

    And so impertinent was with the cook
The scullery maid next
Said she felt very vext,

    To see such a game in the room,
So she nothing did say,
But scampered away,

    And whipt into bed with the groom.
                                   To my tit bump &c.

Then the coachman awoke,
And soon smelt out the joke,

    To the housemaid he nimbly flew,
And he to her did say,
They're all driving away,

    So we will be jogging on too.
Soon the misses grew stout,
And the maids too, no doubt,

    And his body confined to her room.
                                   To my tit bump, &c.

So the master he swore,
And stamped on the floor,

    Crying, who are the father's I pray ?
Then the cook she bawled, oh,
For the doctor pray go,

    John's put me in the family way.
Next the house-maid did squall.
She the coachman did call,

    And the scullery-maid made a noise,
And the lady close by,
For a doctor did cry,

    Well she may with two beautiful boys.
                                 With my tit bump, &c.

Then the master sent for
All the men, too, oh lor,

    And he said why such wicked things do
Oh, the men did declare,
All the women did swear,

    That they would have it whether or no.
So the master said then
He could not blame the men,

    So need not make a stir-up in town,
And the boys and his wife,
He loved dear as his life,

    For he knew that they all was his own.
                                 With my tit bump, &c.

Then the children of course,
Was put out to nurse,

    And the master to stop all such bores,
Lots of money did pay.
To the locksmith next day,

    To put padlock's on all of their doors.
                                                 To my tit &c.

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