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Holy missioners farewell

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                              THE HOLY



GOOD Christians young and old to me now pay attention,
    Since our Missioners are going to you I will make
Many now in tears for them they will be wailing,
May the Lord he with them all, they are the guide of Erin.
They will be going, they will be going, will they evermore
Whilst now both young and old for the Missioners will
The sinner they invited to repent with true sorrow,
To join their holy flock, and their advice to follow.
Their sermons were sublime and lectures inviting,
Whilst the sinners against satan the battle still were fight-
But our Missioners are going and numbers they converted
Both rich and poor by them they were directed.
How happy 'tis to see such a pious congregation,
They have given you the praise whilst their mission thro'
    the nation,
Their hearts were rejoicing both morning and evening,
They had welcome for the sinner that was sunk in oblivion.
Oh, come to the cross that on Calvery was planted,
Kneel down and pray to embrace it don't be daunted,
Implore the Blessed Virgin to intercede for your conversion
Take the holy fathers advice and mind your confession.
It was a glorious sight to see every morning and evening,
People from all parts coming from the Holy Mission.
Giving glory to the Lord and to the Blessed Virgin,
Oh, may she pray for us and be our safe protection.
Good Christians don't you know that the Lord had ap-
That before the end of time, he would send us blessed
To preach for our conversion and teach the wretched sin-
To return to the Lord and never more offend him.
When they bid us adieu then each heart fills with sorrow.
But mind their advice it's the true way to follow,
Never turn from the Lord or anything contrary,
This is the Holy Missioners advice to the children of Mary.
They are. going, they are going, but if they do return,
They shall find our hearts o'erflowing with that light that
    e'er shall burn,
Their preaching is sublime, their pure tongues do never
Whilst teaching truth divine, of that Church that ne'er
    can alter,

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