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Gloomy winter's now awa'

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Gloomy Winter's now


Gloomy winter's now awa',
Saft the westlin breezes blaw:
'Mang the birks o' Stanley-shaw
The mavis sings fu' cheerie-o.
Sweet the craw-flowers early bell
Decks Gleniffer's dewy dell,
Blooming like thy bonnie sel',
My young, my artless dearie-o.

Come my lassie, let us stray,
O'er Glenkilloch's sunny brae,
Blythely spend the gowden day
Midst joys that never wearie-o.
Tow'ring o'er the Newton woods,
Lavrocks fan the snaw-white clouds.;
Siller saughs, wi' downie buds,
Adorn the banks sae brierie-o.

Round the sylvan fairy nook,
Feath'ry brekans fringe the rocks,
'Neath the brae the burnie jouks,
And ilka thing is cheerie-o.
Trees may bud and birds may sing,
Flow'rs may bloom and verdure spring,
Joy to me they canna bring,
Unless wi' thee, my dearie-o.

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Ye banks and braes of bonny Doon.
How can ye bloom so fresh and fair,
How can ye chant ye little birds,
When I'm so wae and fou' o' care !

Ye'll break my heart ye little birds,
That wanton through the flow'ry thorn,
Ye mind me of departed joys,
Departed never to return.

Oft have I roam'd by bonny Doon,
To see the rose and woodbine twine,
Where ilka bird sung o'er its note,
And cheerfully I join'd with mine.

Wi' heartsome glee I pu'd a rose,
A rose out of yon thorny tree ;
But my false love has stol'n the rose,
And left the thorn behind to me.

Ye roses, blaw your bonny blooms,
And draw the wild birds by the burn;
For Luman promis'd me a ring,
And ye maun aid me should I mourn!

Ah ! na, na, na, ye needna mourn!
My een are dim and drowsy worn ;
Ye bonny birds, ye needna sing,
For Luman never can return.

My Lnman's love, in broken sighs,
At dawn of day by Doon ye'se hear,
And mid-day by the willow green.
For him I'll shed a silent tear.

Sweet birds, I ken ye'll pity me,
And join me wi' a plaintive sang,
While echo wakes and joins the mane
I make for him I lo'ed sae lang.

    Walker, Printer, Durham.

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