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Haynau's retreat

(35) Haynau's retreat


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Prited by E. Hodges, (late Pitt's),Whole-
sale Toy and Marb e Warehouse, 31,
Dudley Street, Seven Dials. where new
songs are printed and published every

A FUNNY Song, not very long,
To you I'll sing and say then,
About one Tyrant Hanau and
Brave Barclay and Perkins's draymen
They caused him pains, they gave htm grains
They made him grin and shiver,
They pulled his nose, and tore his beard,
And sent him cross the river.


They made old Haynau cut and run,
He bol ted soon away then,
He would sooner face Russian gun
Than Barclay and Perkins's draymen.

' Well, neighbour, have you read about
the great battle of Bankside ?'—' Why, yes,
I have read a great deal, and seen a great
deal, but of all the battles that have been
fought since the days of Julius Cæsar, there
was no battle like the battle of grains and
hopsacks. It beat Salamanca, Banke'r Hill,
Prague, Waterloo, and the Nile, and they
made old fiaynau shake and shiver like a
cat on a mop-stick.

Old Haynau run like a scalded cock,
And flew before the wind, sirs,
They knocked his hat down over his eyes,
And his shi t hung out behind, sirs,
The tails of his coat they did fly off,
The folks hollowed in he must roll,
The river Thames, but he mistook,
And bolted in the dusthole.

Aye, aye, neighbour, if old Haynau could
conquer the poor Hungarians, he could not
conquer the right Honourable and right re-
verend body of loyal, royal, independent
draymen, coal heavers, and market men
and long will be remembered the great and
glorions battle of Bankside and the Borough
Market when old Haynau was mortally
wounded by a butt of heavy wet and a bushel
of grains in a hop sack

When Haynau murdered honest men,
From Austria he started,
Thinking to keen a b itcher's shop,
Near to the Borouga Market,
To deal in livers, heads, and lights,
With mutton, beef, and bacon,
But he soon found in London to
That he was mistaken.

Why they tell me the old butcher Haynau
thought nothing of shooting a thousand men
before breakfast of a morning, and then order
the women to be flogged in hundreds. But
he could'nt flog the women of Bankside,
and the Borough Market, for they got hold
of his g ey moustache, and they pulled, and
they hallowed, and they squalied, aud they
bawled, and they sent the old butcher to the
devil in a grain-basket.

They made old Haynau run and sweat,
They gave him grains and cocoa,
They blacked his eyes and broke his nose,
They made him whistle J cko.
They in a boat put him safe afloat,
And sent the ro ue a swimming,
They pulled his beard and made him bawl,
' No more I'll flog the women !'

I'll bet a gallon of Barclay's heavy wet,
that old Haynau never ventures again to this
country, and he may now return to Austria
and tell the Emperor that the battle of Hun-
gary was nothing to the battle of Bankside.
Talk about Wat Tyler and Jack Straw, why
they were nothing to the independent regi-
ment of draymen commanded by Barclay
and Perkins and their brave companions at

They learned old Haynau shoulder arms,
And showed the game of lynching,
And should the draymen be discharge,
They are going to haver a pension,
And all who in tae battle was
No matter what their trasde is,
Became they beat that big old rogue
Who loyed to flog the ladies.


Chase him, pelt him, hoot him well,
Smother him in grain wash,
Pull his beard and kick his rump
And give him English kiebosh.

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