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Soldiers & sailors

Heaving of the lead

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                Heaving the


  Pitts Printer Wholeſale toy and Marble
Warehouſe Great st. Anddrew ſtreet 7 dials

FOR England when with ſav'ring gale
Our gallant ſhip up channel steered
And ſcudding nnder eaſy ſail,
The high blew western land appeared,
To heave the lead the ſeamen ,prung
And to the Pilot cheerly ſung,
                  By the deep nine,

And bearing up to gain the port
Some we l known object kept in view
An Abbey, tower, or harbour fort,
Or beacon to the veſſel crew,
While oft the Lead the ſeamen ſlung
And to the Pilot cheerly ſung
                  By the mark Seven

d as the much lov d ſhore we're near,
With transport we behold the roof
Where dwell a friend or partner dear,
Of faith and matchleſs proof,
The Lead once more the ſeamen ſlung
Unto the Pilot cheerly ſung,
                  Quarter leſs five,

Now to the birth the ſhip draws nigh,
We take in ſails ſhe feels the ride,
Stand clear the cable is the cry
The anchur gone we ſafely ride,
The watch is ſet and thro' the night,
We hear the ſeamen with delight,
                  Proclaim ALL's WELL

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