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Lines written on the wonderful miracle that has lately hapened in the north of Ireland

(48) Lines written on the wonderful miracle that has lately hapened in the north of Ireland

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             North of Ireland

Good people pay attention with me now sin pathise
I'm abure this dr adiul miracle will stoke you with sorprise
C necerning a gent eman by satan led as ray
Aud at the end I'm airaid he becams the drogins pray

Its in the North of Irelad near to the holy well,
In the country of Earmas it is gentieman did dwell
For beguieln young maidens he atoddy d day & night,
And bring them to distruction it was his whole delight,

There was gul in its place most beautiful to see,
She did resign her Iorrane in to the Nunnery.
To go to this toy Convet tni tair one did prepnre
Bat oh this orucle vitian for ner he laid a snare

It was on a sunday evening returning to her home
This worked perporato he met have all sioue
Its with split till his and he no to her did say
If you make the last alam I'll ke your tile away

This vitiaw was determind so mercy for to show
He sezed his fai one by the breast and would not latber go
Our Blessed Lary with her Son beside them did syesre
She took this lair one by the hand which made him shake

This yilian jell unto the ground quite lifelesshe layl
This fdj one giving thanks for Gor home she weat straight
The Lado Il'k a brlan Star o Heaven did avead,
It was the Blease. Virgin that stood this fair one feeind

This vilian straged to his home suprise at wost he see
He says my sinifications no longer I can screen
The derill bring his mayer admin edd boy
With a double -b r'd-pisrol his life oe took away

Now to cunclure in this few inestood people bear in mind
If we buy pray I Mar to us she will prove kind
In spite of saton and his imoshe sat this fair one free
For sic his roceive lavour from the Holy Trinity


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