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Trumpet sounds to victory

(45) Trumpet sounds to victory

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      Trumpet Sounds to


Pitts, printer, Toy and Marble Ware-
houſe, 6, Great st Andrew street 7 dials

HE was fam'd for deeds of arms,
She a maid of envied charms,
Now to him her love imparts,
One pure flame pervades both hearts,
Honour calls him to the field
Love to conqueſt now muſt yield,
Sweet maid, he cries again I'll come to thee,
When the glad trumpet sounds a victory

Battle now with fury glows,
Hoſtile blood in torrents flow,
His duty tells him to depart,
She prefs'd her hero to h r heart,
And how the trumpet sounds to arms,
Amidlt the claſh ot rude alarms (thee
Sweet maid he cries again, I ll come to
When the trumpet founds a victory.

He with love and conquest burns
Both fubdue his mind by turns,
Death, the ſold er now enthralls,
With his wounds the hero falls,
She disdaining wars alarms.
Ruſh'd and caught him in her arms,
O death, he cries, thou'rt welcome now to me,
For hark ! the trumpet founds a victory

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