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Elegies & laments

Memorial on the Rev T J O'Reilly

(22) Memorial on the Rev T J O'Reilly

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            ON THE

         REV. T. J. O'REILLY,

Who Departed this Life, on the 10th MAY, 1880,

            AGED 47 YEARS.

He is gore, he is gone, from this world of woe,
To where sorrow and trouble's unknown ;
To these mansions of peace, where we all hope to go,
Which the Father prepared for his own
But his memery shall, live tho he's with us no more,
In our hearts shall his name be enshrined
And while o'er his grave, his sad loss we deplore,
His scul to the Lord he resigned.

Oh, sad is the scene, there's a cloud all around,
For his loved voice, no longed we hear
There is grief on each b ow, there silence profound
And in every eye there's a tear,
For our Pastor's departed, our priest is laid low...
Our friend is from Earth passed away,..
No words of grief spoken, nor tears that may flow,
Can tell how we miss him to day.

He is gone from the Earth, all his troubles are o'er,
But he sleep where the weary find rest,
The place e once loved knows his footsteps no more
For his dewelling is now with his blest,
Let us hope that the seed, he has anxiously sown,
Shall spring up in the heart mani┼┐old,
And his name shall be heard, when long years will have
In the dwellings he often consoled.

The heart that was burthened with grief, he made light !
The yonth of his flock were his care ;
The path of the eged, seemed cheerful and bright,
For their sorrows with them he would share.
Eternal rest be, to the soul that has fled,
The teacher and guide of mankind ;
Long long they will mourn the friend that is dead,
For his equal they rarely can find !

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