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Have you seen the National Guards of France

(45) Have you seen the National Guards of France

          Have you Seen the

National Guards OF France

Have you seen the National Guards of
France ?
So gallant and so gay,
From every part so spruce and smart,
The ladies haste away ;
Because they are such handsome men,
Thee go them for to view,
With their fine cocked hats and shining
And flare up parle vouz.

The National Guards from France,
To London daily trip,
with their glittering swords & shining caps
and handsome hairy lips.

The gallant National Guards of France
Late gained a victory,
They are the men as I will pen,
Who fought for liberty :
They made old Louis Phillippe run,
and off to England dance,
Have you beheld the gallant men,
The National Guards of France.

To see them rolling through the streets,
By daylight and by dark,
In the City, Holborn, and the Strand,
and in St. James's Park ;
The ladies after them do run,
and gaze at them so hard,
The Duchesses are all in love
With the French National Guards.

To see those valliant handsome men,
In thousands they do throng,
With mustachoes on the upper lip
Eleven inches long ;
With their coats so blue and parle vouz,
and handsome sashes slap,
Oh ! how the ladies love their handsome
Sworda and fine cock'd hats.

There is female National Guards so gay,
With coats and trousers fine,
With sashes and shining swords,
and spurs stuck out behind ;

A grocer started at one so hard,
then trod upon his toes,
And swore it was M. Lamartine,
For he knew him by his nose.

From France they came to have a game,
and banished care and strife,
Some came to have their pockets picked
and some to get a wife ;
In Leicester Square and every where,
Wherever they did get,
They found that their was lots of wives
In every part to let

They roam about and people shout
and after them do run
And talk about the valiant deeds
that lately they have done ;
And how in France they made to dance
Old Phillipe's family
And how they did like heroes
Strive to gain thairliberty.

They do the ladies dearly love,
the English ladies gay,
And twenty thousand are resolved
with them to run away
To leave their dads and mammys too,
and use them kind and well
And instead of being misses,
they will be mademaiselles

All nations on the earth for them,
will always have regard,
For their courage and their valour,
they are entitled to reward,
Then Englishmen respect them
wherever they may be,
And ladies doat upon the men,
who fought for liberty.
with their glittering swords so bright,
and their handsome sashes fine,
with mustachoes on their upper lips,
and spurs stuck out behind.

C. Paul, Printer, 18, Great Saint, Seven Dials.

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