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Launch the life boat

(10) Launch the life boat

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            LAUNCH THE

              LIFE BOAT

Hark ! the storm spirit is abroad on the night,
Lashing the wild wives, madden'd with fright,
See the huge billow, foaming and roaring,
Shivering mariners our help are imploring !
Well done ! brave fellows ! hearts of oak all,
Not a man flinches if duty call.

Launch the life Boat !
Breakers ahead !
Hark ! 'tis the moaning
Wail for the dead ;
Launch the Life Boat !
Breakers ahead !
Launch the Life Boat !

Grasp the strong tiller, steer for the wreck !
Dash o'er the wild wave, they hail from the deck !
Souls they are shrieking, pity save some,
" Poor hearts !" despair not, onwards we come,
Ah ! they are near them, ah ! they are lost !
No, see the Life Boat skywards is toss'd
                                                        Launch, &c.

Quick, quick, oh save them, moments are days,
Nerve yo your strong arms whilst woman prays,
ear not, for duty, all that they can,
Ev'ry true Briton will do to a man !
Saved ! saved ! the Life Boat bursts thro' the foam
earing her glad freight, proudly comes home &c.

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Where grow the sweetest of flowers,
Down in a deep shady dell,
Far from the gaze of the rude world,
My little treasure doth dwell.
Tender the glance of her blue eyes,
And in their depth I can see,
All that is pure and is holy,
All that is guileless and free.

                        Chorus :—

Yet seek not to know where I find her,
Ask not of me whence she came,
I only know she's an an angel,
But I don't mean to tell you her name,
don't mean to tell you her name,

There do the birds warble sweetest,
All through the long summer day,
There doth the bee find the honey,
Richest of all on his way,
Sweeter by far than the song birds,
Come the rich tones of her voice,
And for the honey why give me,
Her bright ruby lips if I'd choice,

I know a church crowned with Ivy,
Sheltered amid leafy trees,
Sweet is the sounds of bells too,
When it is borne on the breeze
There will two hearts be united,
There will the bells tell the tale,
Over the hills and the valleys,
Over each sunlit vale.

And then you shall learn where I find her,
Then you shall know whence she came,
Yes, when the ring's on her finger,
And she's mine I will tell you her name,
One then I will tell you her name.

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