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Soldiers & sailors

Ship Niagara

(43) Ship Niagara

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Hail ! stately Niagara, pride o he Sea,
We hail thy approach with hearts full of gle ,
Thou art not come in anger or hostile array,
But a peaceable mission hath brought thee to da,
Each true British heart with friendship will glow,
Meet each as a Brother, and not as a foe.
Though for warfare desingn'd, may they guns never
Till thy timbers decay, on Columbia's fair shore,
But may commerce increase, and prosperity flow,
May the white flag of peace, all others forego ;
May the bright star of liberty, beam o'er the World
And the banner of war, no more be unfurl'd
May Columbia and Britain, now join heart and hand
Be the polestar of Nations in every land ;
May the old British Lion, reposing remain—
And 'er be arous'd from his sumbers again ;
See the Ships of both Nations together combineed
In harmony quit for the duty asigned,
And may the glide smoothly across the Atlantic
And accomplish their task which is truly romantic
The mighty Atlante, that once filld with dread,
The heart of each mariner, now on its be
Will repose ; the famed cable enormous in length,
May it never be mov'd, by the sea in its strenght,
O'sr mountains and valleys, o'er weed cover'd wrecks
Where bones ofeach crew, may still bleach on the decks,
er docks, reefs, and quicksand, in silence descend
While old Neptune amus'd and its pathways defend
And when 'tis completed, no matter the wheăther,
The two mighty Nations can coniverse together ;
The first shewall hear will be England ahoy !
We hope you are well, and wish you much joy.
(Triumphant achievement, the world's greatest wonder,
May ages roll on, e'er 'tis river assunder.)
Old England responds to the message that came,
We are all pretty well, and we wish you the same.
For ever record Washington whom Cob. Wallace nad
to thrashing the corn he was not mistaken, [taken,
By the aid of Old Erin on the 4th of July,
The white flag of Freedom o'er Columbia did fly,
The sons or blessed St. Patrick for ever noble, true,
To Kings and Queens and Emperos, no matter what's
their hue,
hope the day will shortly come when they will clearly
Their strength shall be employed to make their church
and country free.

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The Minstrel Boy.

nstrel boy to the war is gone,
he ranks of death you'll find him,
er's sword he has girded on,
his wild harp slung behind him.

of Song! " said the warrior bard,
' all the world betray thee,
word at least, thy rights shall guard
faithful harp shall praise thee !"

strel fell—but the foeman's chain
not bring his proud soul under ;
p he loved ne'er spoke again,
he tore its chords asunder ;

id " No chains shall sully thee,
ou soul of love and bravery !
songs were made for the pure and free,
y shall never sound in slavery !"

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Away ye gay landscapes, yo gardens of roses ;
In you let the minions of luxury rove ;
Restore me the rooks where the snow-flake repo ,
if still they are sacred to freedom and love.

t, Caledonia dear are thy mountains,
Round their white summits, though elements war,
Tho cateracts foam instead of smooth flowing fourtain
sigh for the valley of dark Loch-na-garr.

songht not my home till the day's dymg glory,
e place to the rays of the bright polar star.
For fancy was cheered by traditional story,
Disclosed by the natives of dark Loch-na-gar

Shades of the dead I have I not heard your voice
ise on the night-rolling breath of the gale ?
Surely the oul of the hero rejoices,
And rides on the wind o'er his own Highland dale

Round Lock-na-garr, while the stormy mist gathers.
Winter presides in his cold icy car ;
Clouds there encircleth the form of my father
They dwell' mid the tompes of ark Loch

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