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Queen's visit to Blackwall

(43) Queen's visit to Blackwall

Queen's Visit to Blackwall.

               Tune"—Trotting Horse".

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The high and low the rich and poor,
See how they trot along,
From Lime-house Popular and Black wall,
togather in a throng,
There's Tom and Sal and Bob and Bet,
a going along like steam,
To see her gratious Majesty,
old England's worthy Queen.
So hastetaway so blith and gay,
a glorious sight to gain,
She is the largest vessell
that e'or floated on the main.

Now when the Queen di l arrivo
Good lord how she did stair,
For not a vcssell in the fleet,
to it she could compare.
When on the Bulwark she did get,
the Colliers looked a speek,
For it took them twenty minits
To hoist her on the deck.

There was Bobby Peel and Wellngton,
Oh, what a jolly lark,
To walk frem the Bowsplit to the stern,
It took them from twelve till dark.
They found out they had lost the Queen,
till search began to rig,
They found her in the Ingine pipe,
a snoring like a pig.

There was lads and lasses of a row,
Law how they did scip an I jump.
Some was selling nuts and cahes,
Some playing at tidley lamp.

Twas the greatest sight they say,
that in England ever was seen,
And Albert was deeply engaged,
along with Englands Queen.

Now on board the ship they all did dine,
the truth to you I will declare.
And what they eat upon my word,
It will make you for to stare.
There was alonies eggs and sower g r
and german sausages galore.
They eat six waggon load they say,
and then look'd around for more.

One old lady lost her shawl,
and another lost her shoe,
And another was so bad in her beliy,
she did not know what to do.
One bawl'd out long live the Queen,
and Britannia rules the waves,
And another old mrn dragging a truck,
Cries Braittains shant be slaves.

So to conclude and end my song,
In these few lines I've wrote.
Heres prosperity to the great Britan.
May she always keep a float.
Long life to Victoria,
and happy may she reign.
With peace and plenty in the land.
and Englands right maintain.

Paul, Printer, 23, Fashion-street Spitalfields

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