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Kentish fire

(3) Kentish fire

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                  '' KENTISH FIRE"

A dark cloud rose across the snows and along the river stole,
And a hundred eyes were straining wild expecting Thompson's Coal
And Thompson's Coal it came at last to fulfil the expectation,
Sent from Richard Weaver's pit with tidings of salvation ;
The spouse of Benjanim she raised a pile where springs the crystal
And the Patriarch price a little pig he solemnly did slaughter ;
And cut it up in fifty pieces forCousins, Nephews. Aunts and Neises,
Whose names are on the holy roll and whose faith entitled them to
coal :
Miss Cash the friend of the distressed, the poker and the fire blessed
Amidst seething fat and rising smoke to gazing crowd she solemn
And twice she opened the Holy Volumn illuminated by the smoking
In a raptured trance her frame did quiver looked o'er the bridge and
down the river ;
Then with a low prophtic bow she invoked a blessing on Price's
The crowd respon ed with a roar, Fanny, Fanny. bless Buck Neil's
boar ;
And inspire I by some holy jig she danced in joy around the pig,
While roasting on the Holy Coal that from Thompson's back gate
softly stole,
Now an odour from the pig arose that led each true believer by the
nose ;
Who came yelling like a pack of hounds when the fox is up and the
horn sounds.
And elustered round the slaughtered swine with prayer and praise
and hymn divine,
While Father Jacob and his tribe in prayer was prostrated ;
And all around the smoking pile they converts they were seated
With uncovered heads they bowed three times took hands and stood
in two long lines,
That extended down to Hogan's Gate through which the Coals in
solemn state
By that Heavenly pilot Miss Cash guided amongst the faithful to
be divided,
Whose religion bring them Cloths and Coals to warm their bodies
and save their souls,
A Holy zeal Miss Cash empowered when she saw the pig so piously
devoured ;
Abundance comes with both hands full here is Wilmer with a huge
fat Bull.
A g nerous gift to enrich the fast come Crowly come & bleed the beast
Though he gives it with disloyal hands that enriched popish Hogan
with his lands,
While his poor brethern sadly greived and many a heavy sigh they
heaved ,
To find a traitor within the ring now for his conversion let us sing.


Bring him O Lord to the ways of grace,
To the milky way that leads to Charles Peace
Where joy for ever reigns,
Show him the error of his ways ;
To resign his long illgotten gains,
I f hehopes to see thy face.
Teachhfm O Lord his soul to lift,
And ask pardon for that sinful gift ;
Where a Fenian band did revel,
Wipe that stain O Lord from off his soul ;
That from a public house did Porter roll,
To defile the body and destroy the soul,
Inspired by the devil. Amen.

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