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Duke William and a young nobleman's ramble into the west country

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   Duke William and a young Nobleman's
          Ramble into the Weſt Country.

   Where they were Preſſtd, carry'd on board a Tender,
         and brought to the Gangway to be flogg'd

DUke William and a nobleman, heroes of England's nation
One morning nigh to two o'clock did take their recreatio
Into the country they did go, in ſailors dreſs from top to toe.
Said duke William now let know what you ſay for bold ſailor
All in the Jolly ſailors trim they ſtraitway haſted to an inn.
The landlady view'd, they did begin by good words to prevail her
She ſaid,Come in, be not afraid. Have you a private room, they ſaid
Walk in, my lads, be not afraid, I love the jolly ſailors.

Into a chamber ſtraitway they both did enter.
The Duke did ſay, Landlord ſee bring wine both white & red, ſir.
Before the wine it was drank out, a preſſgang that was bold&ſtout
In the lower rooms did ſearch about for warlike jolly ſailors.

The landlady ſaid, Go up ſtairs, if ſailors you are ſeeking;
But one's ſo fat, I dare to ſay, that you will hardly ſhip him.
Ne'er mind, the preſſgang they did ſay, then up ſtairs went ſtraitway
What ſhip, brothers, come tell us pray, we all are jolly ſailors.

We do belong to George, ſaid Will. They ſaid, Where's your protection!
We have none at all, they did reply, don't caſt on us reflections.
The lieutenant he then did ſay, Come brothers, go without delay
Of us you ſhall not make a prey. My warrant is for ſailors.

They haul'd them to the tender then, the captain he did meet them.
The duke did ſay, Kind gentlemen, take care of all your ſheep ſi
With that the captain he did ſwear, I am your ſhepherd I declar
We'll make you know you ſaucy are, get down among the ſailors

The nobleman he did go down, but the duke he refuſed.
Whith that the officers did frown, and ſadly him abuſed
Where muſt I lie, his highneſs ſaid, muſt I not have a featherbeds.
You're fat enough,they all reply'd pig in among the ſailors.

Then down below the duke did go, unto his comrade, ſir.
How he did ſtare to ſee the fare of many a brisk young blade, ſir,
Below he tore his trowſers Jo e, and calling for ſome tailors,

The captain ſaid, thou ſaucy blade, there's none here but bold ſailors
For your bold airs, the captian ſaid, you ſhall ſurely get your flogs, ſir,
To the gangway him quick convey, and whip him like a dog, ſir,
Come ſtrip, they cry'd. The Duke reply'd, I do not like your law, ſir

I ne'er will ſtrip for to be whipt, ſo ſtrip me if you dare, ſir.
Then inſtantly the boatſwain's mate began for to undreſs him ;
But preſently he did eſpy the ſtar upon his breaſt, ſir.
Then on their knees they ſtrait did fall, and for mercy ſoon did call.
The Duke reply'd, Baſe villains all, for uſing thus poor ſailors.

No wonder that my father he can't ſoon man his ſhipping,
It's by uſing them ſo barbarouſly, and always them a whipping.
But for the ſuture, ſailors they ſhall have good uſage great and ſma ,
To hear that news together all cry'd out, God bleſs Duke William,

He order'd all new officers that ſtood in need of wealth,ſir.
And left the jolly crew ſome gold that they might drink his health, ſir,
And when that they did go away, the ſailors all with one huzza
Cry'd Bleſſed be that happy day whereon was born duke William.

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