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Emigration & farewells

Robert Kelly farewell

(23) Robert Kelly farewell

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Farewell dearesr Erin alas I must leave you
F0r [5 long years we nre doom'd for to part
Aud dureing that time it surely will greive me
Ths nearest & dearest portrait of my heart
Now my souls fill d with greif I m sure it is no won
While the weight of the foul fellons chains I lie uuder
In the prime of my life to be torn asunder
From my counary & friends for which I feel the smart

Now its little I thought since the month of December
When I for the foul crime of murder got free
But the world shonld know I was not the effeader
Aad through that I hope'd to be al my liberty
But now after all my long expectations
In hopeiag that I would get my Ilfiberation
But in greif I must say it was a sad seperati0n
Of fi teeu long years between Erin & me

You sons & fair dauters of Eriu do not mourn
For me through I'm bound for penal servitnde now
While I live I'll have hopez that I yet may return
W it i urels entwind round my patriot brow
Altho iu a strang foreign land it may greve yon
Without one kind heart or freind to receive you
But my prayers to kiud heaven I siucerly will offer
F0r all my lov'd freinds thats in Erins green shore

Now th re's one I know that gives me consolatioa
Supposeing my bones in a prison may rot
My Wife & my children through our long seperation
Their lov for their absent Father cau never be forgot
For I nevet was guilty of crime or dishonour
But I always lov'd freedom & fibertys banner
For loveing my country in such a manner
Alas I am banuish'd from Erin the green

Now I freely forgive all my vile prosecutors
Who done all they could to swear my life away
And may they never meet with such cruel persecucion
As the gave to me on my triul day
They swore I sh0t Talbot but O I deny that
But yet a day will c0me when they cannot deny that
Wheu before the Judge of Judges they be prove'd to
be lyars
That man woman or childs life luever took away

Farewell honourd parents who nnrturd my childho
In tears I mnst bid you a fiual adieu
Its little yon thought whea in youth I would ever
Be in a Couvict Goal alas & torn from you
Farewell belov'd wife & I grieveto think forever
And my two pretty babes from their Father to se
But for to support under God you will endeavour
And heaveu geant Robert Keily may return home to


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