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Emigration & farewells

New song call'd the Irishmans farewell to his country

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               A NEW SONG CALL'D THE



               TO HIS COUNTRY

Farewell deaqe Erins lovely Isle for heare I cannot stay
I do iatead to cross the sea bound for America
To leave the land that save me birth it grieves my heart full sore
O farewell my loving freinds around the Shamrock shore.

Our shlp she lies at anchor just ready for to sail
The lord protect each passenger with a sweet and pleasent gale
Fot when t'm on the raging seas it will rnu in my mind,
Fare you well old Ireland and the the freinds I left behind.

Farewell you groves and silvery shades bedecked with beautlose
Where often I did sport and pluy among your shedy bowers
Those joys shal reign wtthin my breast and never shal decline,
Those happy scenes I l ne,er forget or the faeinds I left behind.

When parting from my native shore it greives my tender heart,
And worse than a my dearest frei ds alas from them must prit
But when I'm in a foreigu land I l bear you in my mind
So rare you well old Ireland and the freinds I left beIind,'

The fears fell gent'y from his eyes his heart oppressed with woe
To t ink that from old Erins Isle he was compelle'd t a go
Dear freinds be no a fra p b w I do the best I cad
He look'd around and gave a sigh saylngadue my native land

Now to cone'ude and finish I have nom re lo say
I wish I was lan ep safe r l iu Ameaica,
Like a warrior rave I cross the seas tha fortune may prove kind
My tost shal be when far away to the freinds I ieft behind

            P Brereton I Lr Exchange Street Dublin

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