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Old age & death

Messenger of mortality, or, Life and death contrasted

(2) Messenger of mortality, or, Life and death contrasted

           Or Life, and

Sbe that liveth in pleasure, is dead while she
liveth l. Tim, v,6,
Dust thon art, and unto dust
shalt thou

Gen, iii, v, 191
Vanity of Vinities, all is Vanity, Eccl.
Then shall the dust return as it
was, and the spirit unto God
who gave it...Eccl, x i.7.
Like sleep they are laid in the grave,
death shall feed upon them ; their beauty
shall consume in the Grave,
the house appointed for all living.
To be ſaid in the balance,
they are all together lighter than vanity,
PASAI,M,lix, 14
JOB, xxx, 23,
O That they would consider
their latter end.
Deut, xxxii, 29.

For what is your life ? It is even
as a vapour, that appeareth for a
little time and then vanisheth away
James, iv, 14,
I have said to corruption, thou
art my father : to the worm, thou
art my mother & sister, Job xvii 14
Tremb e ye women that are at
se, Isaiah, xxii, 11.

         of Mortality,
      Death Contrasted.

Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walk

with wanton eyes, the Lord will take away
smell, ther e shall be stink, Isa, iii. 16

Favor is deceitful and beauty vain Prov. 2.

One night Corinna was all gaiety in her spirit, all
ſinery, in her apparel, at a magnificent ball : the next
night she lay an extended corpse, and ready to be min-
gled with the mouldering dead. Herv, Med

How lov'd how valued once avails thee not,
To whom related, or by whom forgot.
A heap of dust alone remains of thee
Tis all thou art, and all the proud must be

In the midst of life we are in death
Common Prayer

Life how short ! eternity how long.

Now get you back to my Lady's ta-
ble, and tell her : let her paint an inch
thick to this complexion. She must
ome at last—Shakespeare

         A DIALOGUE.

DEATH, Fair Lady, Jav your costly robes aside
No longer may you glory in your pride ;
Take leave of all your carnal vaindelight ;
I'm come to summons you away this night,
Lady, What bold attempt is this ? pray let me know
From whence you come, and whither I must go,
Shall I who am a Lady; stoop or bow,
To such a pale fac'd visage ? who art thou !

D. Do you not know me ? I will tell thee then,
Tis I that conquer all the sons of men,
No pitch of honour from my dait is free ;
My name is Death ; have you, not head of me ?

L, Yes ; I've heard of thee time after time
But being in the glory of my prime,
I did not think you would have come so soon,
Why must my morning sun go down at noon,

D Talk not of noon , you may as Well be mute ;
This is not time at all for vain dispute ;
Your riches, garments, gold, and jewels bright
Your houses and lands must on new ownenrs light,

L. My heart is cold ; t tremble at the news,
There's bags of gold if you will me excuse.
And sieze on those (so finish thoo the strife,]
Who wretcned are and weary of their li e

Are there not many bound in prison strong,
In b tter grief of soul who langnish'd long,
Who could but find a grate a place of rest

From all the gri f ot which they a e opp ess'd,

Pesid st ele' many with a hoary head
And palsted joints from whom all joys are fled
Releas thou them whose sorrows are so great
But spare my life to have a longer date,

D. Tho' thy vain heart to riches is inclined
Yet thou must die and leave them all behind
I come to none before their warrants sealed
And when it is they must submit and yield
Tho some by age be full of of grief and pain
Till their appoined time they must remain
I take no bribe believe me, this is true
Prepare yourself to go ; I'm come for you,

L, But if you were to me once obtain
My freedom and a longer life to reign ;
Fain would I stay if thou my life would'st spare
I have a daughter beautiful and fair,
I'd live to see her wed whom I adore.
Grant me but :his and I will ask no more

D. This is a slender frivolous excuse,
I have you fast and will not let you loose
Leave her to Frovidenee, for you must go,
Along with me, whether you will or no,
If Death commands the King to leave his crown
Heat my feer must lay his sceptre down
Then if 'o Kings I don't this favor give.
Bu cut them oft, can ou expect to live,
Beyond the limit of your time and space
No ; I must s nd you to another place,
L, You learned doctors now express your
'K ll,
And t not Death of me obtain his will,
Prepare your cordials let me comfort fnd,
M gold sha l fl ch ff before the wind,

D, Fo beat to ca l, their skil will never do,
They are but mortals here as well as you
I give the                  f tal wound my dart is sure
' l is far b yond the doctor's skill          to cure

How freely can you let your riches fly,
To purchase life rather than yield to die
But while you flourish here with all your' store
You would not give one penny to the poor
Tho' in God's name the suit to you they make
You would not spare one penny for his sake,
My Lord beheld wherein you did amiss,
And calls ou hence to give account for this.

L O heavy news ! must I no longer stay
How shdll I stand at the great judgment day,
Down from her eyes the chrystal tears did flow
She said none knows what I do under go.
Upon my bed of sorrow here I lie ;
My selfish life make' me afraid to die.
My sins are many, great and foul,
Lord Jesus Christ have mercv on my soul
And tho I do deserve thy rightcous frown
Yet pardon Lord and pour a blessing down
Then with a dying sigh heart did break
And did the pleasures of this world orsake

Thus may we see the mighty rise and fall
For cruel Death shews no respect at all
To those of either high low degree
The great submit to death as well as we
Tho' they are gay their life is but a span
A lump of clay, so v le a creature's man
Then happy those whom Christ has made Lis
Who die in the Lord, and ever blessed are,
The grave's the market place wh re all men
Po h rich, and poor, both small and great
If life were me'chandize that cold could buy
The rich would live the poor alone would die,

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