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Lines written on the royal visit of the Prince of Wales

(37) Lines written on the royal visit of the Prince of Wales

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                  OF THE




      --Air Hurraw for King and his jackey so blue

The fiftenth fo April it was ray graud,
Coneingd was Colisge Green as you may understand,
At poverty left me ingeed without fail'
When i look'd on the Process & yond Paince of Wales
Mo c power to the Prince & his Royal haincess,
From Denmark she came to the beautiful west,
The visit was grand here the truth Ill ray down,
Thimble rigers in droves they fleck'd to Puncles town,

Such skelping of hores you never did hear,
As was in Puaches-town on this present year,
Young & old there is thousands & money like hail
More powere & success now to the Prince at Wales

The trick of loops they'l never be poor,
Such a coquest of people I never be poor,
Such a conquest of people I ne'ar seen before,
Hones tallrug & jockeys throw flat on the ground,
Hurraw for the Prince now & tame'd Punches-town,
With Olympia my dahug they could not deep in,
He's the heat of the roil may he never want wind.
Inspite of their best he left them to cry jap
And from Punches. town brought home the Cuonigm

Until he came over sure herewe'd no fun
Soon thousands they got alive after he come
And the old rusty gold that was long lying by
The arriva of the Pice here then made into fly,
the weather most charming sye every way nice,
for spy glassess & window there was an price
Courug down Ormond Quay from old lames & Gauts
five stillings a pair for a peep at the Price.

You talk of Roacommon cslebar and Beldvle.
Down atrick the Maze and the races of Boyle,
the there are one jockey and gents of renown
Their best are but nothing to sweet Punces town
The hores they raan wsth terib a speed,
Fingers that day went as nlmble indeed
White chap is first no took at block going round,
Parse and watches for nothing got in Punches-town,

Jars & bottles there crscking champain & stron wine,
With basket of prog to of every kind,
Surloins & sbonlyets optable cloths down
Such browing out before never was on Punbhes town.
But now in coaclusion good health so the Prince,
Lng life to himself & his rayal Princess,
Their visit caused joy & minth all around.
And their presence that day it swell'u Punches town.

      IP Brereten Printer I Lr Exchange St. Dulin

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