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Sons & daughters

Wounded farmer's son

(12) Wounded farmer's son

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Wounded Farmer'sSon

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THE Farmer's son so sweet,
Attending of his sheep,
Whilst careful fast asleep,
While his lambs did play,
A brisk young lady gay,
She saw his lambs at play
And a young man sleeping lay
Whom she loved dear,

She kissed his lips so sweet,
As he lay fast asleep,
Saying my heart will bseak,
For you my dear.
Arise, young man, I pray
No longer sleeping lay,
But see your lambs astray,
For I love you so dear,

He awoke in great surprize.
To behold such lovely eyes.
LiKe an angel bright,
She did appear,
You brisk young lady gay.
From home your lost your way,
Just like lambs you stray
From your parents dear,

For your dear sake alone,
I wander from my home,
My friends are dead and gone
I am left alone,
My riches houses and lands,
Servants they keep in hand,
Shall be at your command,
My sweet Farmerm's son.

You brisk young lady gay
How can you fancy me.
A poor young boy you see,
None but a Farmer's son,
A farmer's son so sweet
I m afraid you will break my heart
So love join hand in hand,
My sweet farmer's son

My riches life and land
Servants with cap in hand
Shall te at your command
My sweet farmer's son
J is flocks are laid aside,
And now made her his bride
Marry'd then she was
the Farmer's son

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