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Emigration & farewells

Sequel to Maria

(17) Sequel to Maria

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                sequel To


Printed and sold by J. pitts, 14 Great st, An-
              drew street seven Dials,

FAREWELL to the ocean since I have return'd
Many hardships I've suffered many nights have
I mourn'd
For my dearest Maria, my joy and delight,
But I hope to my trouble I may bid a good night,
In the arms of my charmer to spend all my days,
And bids adieu to the troubles and toils of the seas.
In hopes to live happy with her I adore,
'Tis my dearest Maria, I desire no more-

When this captain was landed to her father he went
To enquire of his truelove it was his intent,
He said, sir, your daughter I'm come to demand,
To be join'd in wedlock straightway out of hand,
Her father reply'd I've no daughter I'll own,
For the last I heard of her she was on the town,
Cruel fate ! said the Captain,is it truth that I hear,
I'll search every bagnio till I find out my dear.

Then in search of his truelove he instantly went,
With his heart full of trouble and sad discontent,
He soon found out the bagnio that had harbour'd his
And to his discomfort this news he did hear, (dear,
When he ask'd for Maria, the old beldam reply'd,
She's gone sick to the Workhouse to lesson her pride
If 'tis so says the Captain, I'll make her my wife,
For my dearest Maria, is the joy of my life.

Then in haste to the worKhouse he straight did re-
O shocking disaster ! this news he did hear, (pair,
He enquired for Maria, his joy and delight,
When the answer was returned she died last night,
Then raving distracted let me see her he cried,
On the corpse of his truelove he wept bitterly,
He said take this purse let her coffin be lead,
Farewell dear Maria, and then turned his head

Then straight from his side his broadsword he drew
And then his own body he plug'd thro' and thro,
Saying dearest Maria, since you can't be my bride,
I still am determin'd to lay by your side,
Farewell to all pleasure, my joy and delight,
O the tear that were shed at this shocking sight,
O to see this sad sight did thousands repair,
In one grave they were laid a most beautiful pair.

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