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Campbell's farewell to Ireland

(39) Campbell's farewell to Ireland

      Campbell's Farewell

                    TO IRELAND.

Farewell to old Ireland the place of my nativity,
For now I'm bound for Columbia's fair shore,
Too long I have been in a state of captivity,
Adieu to old Ireland I'll ne'er see you more.
For since the trade has got a fall at home I can't stay at all.
Rents tithes or taxes I'm not able for to pay,
Now from this bondage I'll get free unto the land of Liberty,
Adieu unto old Ireland for I must away.

Now brethren dear it grieves my heart to think from you I must
And leave this fertile island where first my breath I drew,
For here at home I cannot stay, to spend my days in poverty,
I'm going to America my fortune to pnrsue,
I'm going to sail the ocean wide not knowing what shall me betide
My precious life to venture as my brethern done before,
Upwards of three and thirty years I spent in this vale of tears,
Farewell to old Ireland I'll ne'er soe you more.

Three hundred years the chosen band was slaves in the Egyptian
By haughty king Pharoagh was sorely oppressed,
They were employed I heard it said in making bricks both night
and day,
And from their task masters they ne'er could find no rest,
But Moses being a holy man got orders from the great God,
And from the house of bondage to set his children free,
And lead them to fair Cannan's land where they cause to weep
no more,
Yet after all he brought them to the land of Liberty.

But Pharoagh would not let go, 'till Moses his great powers did
And from the land of Egypt his chosen took a flight.
A cloud to screen them on their way from the scorching sun by
And a firey pillar to guide their march by night,
Thro' the dept f the Red sea he made for them a reany way,
When he saw ruction fall on their enemies,
For forty years in bitterness they wandered thro' the wilderness
Yet after all he brought them to the land of Liberty.

Sin was the cause of their distress which kept them in the
And sin occasion of our calamity,
For pride has got into some folk, the poor may live under the
I don't see any method by which we can get free.
Victualing is not so high, where is the money for to buy,
The tradesmen has not got it nor neither has the poor,
There is some of it to London gone and this you may depend-
Others turned bankrups and closed up their doors.

Now brethren dear I must away time won't permit me here to
I fear again I ne'er will see the fertile Shamrock shore,
Altho I leave you here behind I'll always bear yoo in my mind,
I hope that trade will flourish in old Ireland once more,
May freedom harmony and love with every blessing from above
Attund this fertile island where pinks and violets grows,
Like the Isralites now act sincers a little while with patience,
Perhaps we'll meet in time again where milk and honey flows.

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