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Emigration & farewells

Little Jim, the carter lad

(13) Little Jim, the carter lad

      Little Jim, The Carter Lad.



                           To his love.

Farewell love, farewell love, I am going to leave thee
The pale moon is shining her last rays on me,
In truth I swear I did never deceive thee,
For next to my heart was green Erin, and thee.
Come near to my bosom, my first & fond true love,
And cherish my heart that beats only for thee,
And let my cold grave with green laurels be strewed
For I die for my country green Erin and thee.

Oh, never again in the moonlight we will roam love,
When birds are at rest, & the stars they do shine,
Oh, never again will I kiss thy sweet lips love,
Or wander by streamlet with thy hand press'd in mine.
But should a mother's love make you forget me,
Oh, give me a promise before that I die,
That you will come to my grave when alf others
forsake me,
And there with the soft winds breate sigh for sigh.

My hour is approaching let me take one fond look love,
And watch thy pure beauty till my soul does depart,
Let thy ringlets fall on my face & my brow love,
Draw near till I press thee to my fond & true heart.
Farewell love, farewell love, the words are now spoken
The pale moon is shining no longer on me ;
Farewell love, farewell love, I hear the death-token,
Never more in this wide world young Allen will you see

Farewell to my parents and my loving sister,
With a brother's affection, I bid you adieu,
Farewell to the cause for which I am dying,
To you I have been always both constant & true.
Farewell to my comrades that always prov'd loyal,
Farewell to my country I thought to see free,
Farewell to O'Brien, Larkin and family,
We three died together for sweet liberty.


          His Mother.

Let me kiss him for his mother,
Let me kiss his youthful brow,
I will love him for his mother,
And seek her blessing now.
Kind friends have soothed his pillow,
Have watched his every care,
Beneath the weeping willow,
O lay him gently there.

Sleep, dearest, sleep,
I love you as a brother,
Kind friends around you weep,
I've kiss'd you for your mother.
Let me kiss him for his mother,
What though left a stranger here.
She as loved as none other,
I feel her blessing near.
Though cold that form lies sleeping,
He wears an angels crown,
Dear friends around are weeping,
O, lay him gently down.

Let me kiss him for his mother,
Or perchance a fond sister dear ;
If a father or a brother,
I feel their blessings here.
Then kiss him for his mother,
'Twill soothe her after years ;
Farewell dear stranger, brother,
Our re quien tears.


My same is Jim the Carter, a jolly cock am I,
I always am contented be the weather wet or dry;
I snap my fingers at the snow, & whistle at therain,
I've braved the storm for many a day and can do so again.


Crack, crack., goes my whip, I whistle & I sing,
As I sit upon my waggon, as happy as a king ;
My horse is always willing, for me I'm never sad,
None can lead a jollier life than Jim the carter lad.

My father was a carrier many years ere I was born,
He used to rise at daybreak & go his rounds each morn;
He would often take me with him, espeeially in the spring,
And I loved to sit upon the cart & hear my father sing.

I never think of politics or anything so great,
I care not for their high-bred talk about the Church & State
I act a right man to man, & that's what makes me glad,
You will find there beats an honest heart in Jim the carter lad

The girle they all smile on me as I go driving past.
My horse is such a beauty and he jogs along so fast ;
We have travelled mana weary miles, & happy days we've had
For none could treat a horse more kind than Jim the carter lad

So now I'll bid you all ga d night, 'tis time I was away,
I know my horse will weary if I much longer step :
To sea your smiling faces it makes my heart q glad, (t
So I hope you'll grant your kind applaus to Jim the


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