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Soldiers & sailors

Curly headed plough boy

(36) Curly headed plough boy

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      The Curly Headed

            Plough Boy,

Pitts Printer, Toy & Marble Warehouſe
   6 Great st. Andrew Street 7 dials.

A Curly headed plough boy five
years ago was I (for to try
I left my father's cottage my fortune
And now I am a ſoldier I ſtrut about ſo
gay,         (British play.
No lad in battle bolder can ſhew more
Always ready when I m called on what
e'er my lot may be,
Tho' but a ſimple plow boy that whis-
tled o'er the lea.

I firſt was made a drummer my com-
rades up to call. [a musket ball
Our Major ſoon had learnt me to face
That I was not afraid of—a coward I
Should you in battles chance to fall my
drum ſhall drown your cries,
If my dad and mam ſhould hear this,
they much diſtreſſed may be
For fear they ſhould loſe their plough
boy, that whiſtled o'er the lea,

For valour now promoted I wear the
ſword and ſaſh,
With ſilver lace epualettes I cut no lit-
tle daſh, (nor with pelf
And homeward now returning with ho-
My treaſure with my dad I'll ſhare my
honor keep myſelf
For to him I am moſt indebted my birth
he gave to me
I was his little plough boy that whistled
o'er the lea

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