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On the Blessed Sacrament

(17) On the Blessed Sacrament

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On the Blessed Sacrament.

Could I collect the sun's bright rays,
Even in its full meridian blaze,
I'd trace in characters of light,
Those words of clemency and might.

O banquet pure of heavenly love,
Descending from the throne above,
Preserve my soul from blemish free,
That I may come with joy to thee—
That I may call thee all my own—
A bliss the Angels have not known ;
For never didst thou deign to rest
Within a seraph's glowing breast ;
For man alone didst thou reserve
A bliss no mortal could deserve.
Oft shall my mind with thanks recall
This last bequest to one and all ;
And often shall my soul partake
Of this great banquet, for thy sake.
Most wondrous work since time begun !
The donor and the gift are one ;
Oh ! let my heart serve as thy shrine,
And may the happy lot be mine,
Oft to receive this pledge of love,
Till I shall reach the realms above ;
Mindful of my lost days of youth,
My wanderings from thy love and truth,
And when my soul shall wing its flight
To realms unseen by mortal sight,
Then, O celestial banquet, be
My passport to Eternity.
Fearless I'll pass death's portals drear,
With thee my dubious course to cheer ;
Not Angel hosts—though bright and fair—
Would shield me with so anxious care :
For never was it heaven's decree
That they should die to ransom me,
Lest they perchance that love might claim,
Destined to centre in thy name,
Most High, Most Holy, and Supreme,
Whose love should be our only theme.

Praper on the Blessed Sacrament.

O Eternal God, Jesus, Redeemer of man-
kind, we adore thee really and truly present
in the Most adorable Sacrament of the Altar.

                        * PAUL CARD. CULLEN.


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