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Courtship & marriage

Second thoughts are best


         Thoughts are Best

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COME write me down ye powers above,
That first created man to love ;
I have a diamond in my eye,
Where all my joy and comfort lie.

I'll give you gold, I'll give you pearl,
If you can fancy me, my girl,
Rich costly robes too you shall wear,
If you can fancy me, my dear.

It's not your gold shall me entice,
To leave my pleasures, to be a wife ;
I never do intend at all,
To be at any young man's call.

O go your way, you scornful dame,
If you are shy, I'll be the same ;
For I don't fear but I can find
Another fair maid to my mind.

O stay young man, be not in haste,
You seem afraid your time will waste ;
Let reason rule your roving mind,
And unto you I will prove kind.

My sorrow and trouble now are past,
My joy and comfort come at last ;
But the girl that always said me nay,
Now proves my comfort night and day.

      Oh, no ! we never mention

OH, no, we never mention her, her name is never heard
My lips are now forbid to speak, that once familiar
word ;
From sport to sport they hurry me, to banish my regret,
And when they win a smile from me, they think that I

They bid me seek in change of scene, the charms that
others see,
But were I in a foreign land, they'd find no change in me ;
Tis true that I behold no more the valley where we met,
I do not see the hawthorn tree, but how can I forget.

They tell me she is happy now, the gayest of the gay,
They hint that she forgets me,but I heed not what they say
Like me perhaps she struggles with each feeling of regret,
But if she loves as I have lov'd, she never can forget.

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