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Father's blessings

(16) Father's blessings


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Come parents who have children dear,
Do not their souls neglect ;
But teach them how the Lord to fear,
For he doth it expect.

But oh, eonsider what you do,
Read this and understand,
The soul that's lost by your neglet,
Is required at your hand.

How many parents have I seen
Uphold their children dear,
Instead of chiding them for sin,
Teach them to curse and swear.

Consider well within yourself,
Which of these two is best
To bring their souls to misery,
Or to eternal bliss.

So children love your parents well.
And their commands obey,
And let not stubborn wicked ways,
Lead you from them to stray.

Ye masters who do servants keep,
Teach them to fear the Lord,
Your duty so to do,
And he will you reward.

Likewise ye servants all I pray,
Be to your masters just,
And evermore keep in your mind,
That faithful duty—Trust.

Attend unto your master's will,
In what he doth command,
In everything that you think just,
Be ready at his hand.

If you will not forgive their faults,
Think not to be forgiven,
For God himself declared that such,
Should not inherit heaven,

Therefore all you that envy seek,
And malice still do bear,
Consider well the words you use,
In saying the Lord's prayer.

When you do pray to be forgiven,
As others do forgive,
If you have malice in your hearts,
Can you expect to live ?

For while you use these words in prayer
And from your duty fall,
You surely do upon yourselves,
God's holy vengance call.

Too many people much rejoice,
When others do amiss,
How can the love of God then dwell,
In such a heart as this.

Do you not know the great command,
Our Saviour lett on earth,
That all should love each other well,
Until the time of death.

Oh ! what a sad and dreadful day,
'Twill to the wicked be,          [hear,
When they these awful words must
" Ye cursed depart from me."

But oh, the righteous that are left,
How joyful they will be,
Admitted then with Christ to dwell,
Through all eternity.

Lo on Printed at the " Catnach Press," by W. S. FORTEY, Monmouth Court, Seven Dials. The
Oldest and Cheapest House in the World for Ballads (4,000 sorts), Song Books, Children's Books &c.

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