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On a visit to Mr Groves' theatre of arts

                      ON A VISIT


               MR CROVES'

               Theatre of Arts.

Now Exhibiting every Evening with Great Applause, in

Come ! now let us visit the THEATRE OF ARTS,
Presented by men of the greatest of parts,—
And here—A Sea Storm we behold with surprise,
Where waves like wild mountains in tumult arise !
Where ships on the ocean, afar from the coast,
In dreadful commotion are like to be lost ;
Where arrows of Lightning are shot through the gloom,
And thunders affrighting—denouncing their doom !

Alas ! for the mariners,—what are their fears ?
While veiled in the Welkin old Luna appears—
Hark, the harsh horrid hurls from the clouds fiery store,
Louder far then when Lions most dreadfully roar—
See ! a ship how she's dashed,—with her rigging so riven,
Both she and her crew to the bottom are driven ;
But some are enabled to swim to the rock,
Till ta'en in a life-boat ashore by good luck.

We next sce a Child here who sings like a sage,
Altho' she is only but eight years of age ;
And Automata Children appear in the scenes,
All dancing so lightly, like young fairy queens,
A Turkish Bashaw, now see forward he steps,
But soon he divides into many strange shapes ;—
And the Island of Malta we view with respect,
Where Paul the apostle we're told was shipwreck'd.

Napoleon, the great, next appears on a height,
A-crossing the Alps, with his army to fight !—
And see London City !—so fairly unfurled—
The Mistress, Metrop'lis, of all the wide world !
Greenwich Hospital next, our attention now claims,
With many fine ships from abroad on the Thames ;
Where the Mistress of Ocean, and Sea-Nymphs parade,
With Tritons—delightful to see them displayed !

Where Neptune, in glory his trident uprears,
And far-famed Britannia, triumphant appears !
Transporting to see her ascending to heaven—
Did ever we think such a sight would be given !—
The scenes here beheld, never failed yet to raise,
From hundreds and thousands the greatest of praise !
For, of all Exhibitions appearing so rare,
There are none with the THEATRE OF ARTS can compare ! !

                           First at 7—Second at 9.

                     Admission—Half the usual Prices.

                           J. GLASS, PRINTER.

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