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Courtship & marriage

Fun upon fun or, The butcher in his glory at the sale of the beauty of Bethnal-Green

(41) Fun upon fun or, The butcher in his glory at the sale of the beauty of Bethnal-Green



The BUTCHER in his Glory

     At he S A L E of the

  Beauth of Bethnal-Green,

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In Smithfield Market,
On friday last,
Giving an account how she
was sold to a Baker for
Twenty Guineas.

ANOTHER disgraceful transction took place in
Smith fleld-market on Friday last, where Ralph
Johnson, a Butcher, near Bethnal-Green, sold his wife.

About 9 months ago he married Jessemy Love,
a most beautiful young woman, belonging near
Bethnal-Green. They lived very happy the first
2 months, and Ralbh, who hadbeen a wild youth
seemed quite reformed, all his pleasure was in the
company of his dear Jessemy, often telling his
friends that he never before knew, what it was to
live. But this happiness was too great to last long,
which amkes good the old saying, that "what is
bred in the bone is ill is take out of the flesh, "for
Raiph began to fire of domestic life, and his wife
had seldom any of his company day or night, which
in a short time recasioned so much disconcent,
quarrelling, and belows between them that it was
mutually agreed on by them both that he should
take her to Smith field market and sell her.

On friday morning he brought het to the pub-
lic railing, with a halter round her waist.

She wass'd essed very heatt and looked so pretty
that all admited her, several young men regretted
that their being so long out of work put it out of
their power to bid for her.

A smart fop of a Barber was the first, quite sure
of success he boldle, offered 21. which was refused
with scarn by the husband. A young Sailor then
bounced forward and bawled out sixpence more ,but
was answered by the husband witha a box in the face
Jack not liking this recption let fly at the husband
who bang'd at him agin. A battle royal them en-
sued, which coutinned for some time with great
sprit on both sides, but was at length put a stop to
by the interference of constables &c. without either
part, coming off victor. As soon as peace was re-
stored, a gallant Shoemaker came up and offered
5 the as he could command at that time no more
than 31 he offered to work it out. A jolly Farmer
offered 101. which was just on the point of being ac-
stepted, when a handsome young Baker came forward
of freely threw down Twenty Pounds, wht the price
of 6 bottles of wine to drink their heaiths. The bar-
gaid was instantly closed, and the Beauty of Bethual
Queen was conducted away by her new lord.

            A NEW SONG.

COME listen ye lovers of fun to this song,
I'lll sing you a true one & not bold you long.
Concerning a maid, of all beauties the queeen,
Some call'd her the beauth of Bethnal-Green.

She lately was wed to a jolly voung blade.
Ralph Johnson his name, and a Butcher by trade,
A happier couple you ne'er could have scen,
Than Ralph and his Jessey of Vethual-Green.

But e'er 12 weeks marriage this couple had known
Their love though so hot,k turu'd as cold as a stone,
They quarrell'd, & wrangled, and fought night & day
Then to Smithfiled to sell her he toook her streightway.

Such crowds in old Smith field sure never was seen
To see pretty Jessey of Bethual-Green,
A fop of a Barber came forward and swore,
Tow pounds he lwould give but not 1 farthing more.

Stand a haft, says Jack tar, here' 31 for my dear,
Bit the Butcher gave to him a box in the ear,
To fight they both all then with see more delay,
Such a sight you've not seen for many long day.

Next a coberlid wear by his laps one and awl,
51, be would give though his means were but sine
But a handsome young Baker came to the equwd
Twice ten I'll give for her the sung due alond.

Here is 20 punds on the nail They down,
With 6 bottles of win our with cane for to drown,
So the bargam was
With the gathir young broghe who sung on khiazza.

Vatnach, Printer, 2, Moamouth-court, 7 Dials.

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